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Fred M lives in Colorado, USA. He was 59 when he was diagnosed in August, 2009. His initial PSA was 36.95 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 9, and he was staged T2c. His choice of treatment was External Beam Radiation+ADT (Intensity Modulated with ADT). Here is his story.

I was first diagnosed at 59 years of age with high risk prostate cancer on 8/21/2009. A PSA; of 36.95 and a Gleason score of 9. [4+5]. Clinical Stage T2c NoMx

Started on Casodex and Lupron immediately. On 9/23/09 my PSA; was @ 5.16. The Casodex pill and Lupron injection seemed to be working. On 10/1/2009 I started with Radiation treatments. I went with the IMRT in order to minimize the dose to the badder and rectum while delivering a high dose to the prostate and lymph nodes. I had asked to treat as aggressively as possible. My choice. I proceeded with Lupron injections, Casodex and 39 treatments over 8 weeks. Radiation went well with few minor problems. In the middle of radiation treatments I had to stop the Casodex because it was affecting the liver function as I'm on Statin drugs also. Too much for the liver. Finished the radiation on 1/4/2010. Liver function back to normal. Continuing with Lupron injections. On 4/1/2010 my first PSA since the radiation was 0.79. I felt good about that with knowing where I was 5 months ago. To get you up to date I have continued with the Lupron every 3 months. YUK! I will update this post with my PSA; numbers for 2011, 2012, 2013 and my battle and side effects with the Lupron injections.


6/30/2009 36.95 - Diagnosed High Risk Prostate Cancer.

9/23/2009 5.16

4/1/2010 0.79

7/1/2010 0.68

12/28/2010 0.47

Looking good. Doc says PSA every 6 months. With my initial diagnoses I feel pretty good about my treatments so far. Always thinking positive thoughts!! To heck with all the percentages on survival time. I'm going to beat heck out of that! Update coming soon. God Bless ALL.

6/14/2011 0.60


April 2014

Its been 1 year since my last update.


10.30> /12/6/11>>>Tried getting off Lupron injections>>>Did not work well.

1.49> /3/16/12>>> Back on Lupron injection & Doctor says forever>>>yuk!!!

5.53> /1/10/13>>> Switched injection area from stomach area to butt muscle.. no more upset stomach & vomiting. What a relief!!!!

16.65> /11/12/13>> Lupron failing fast..Stag IV... Bone Mets found on MRI

24.32> /12/4/13>>> Still on Lupron and starting Zytiga (abberaterone) Pills 1000 mg & Prednisone 5 mg daily... Lupron every 6 months. Adding vitamin D pills also.

10.32> /1/2/14>>> Zytiga & Prednisone is slowing the cancer for now with no side effects...

5.57> /2/24/14>>> Miricle drug Zytiga??? absolutly no side effects. Feeling great!!!!!

During all my therapy I have not had the side effects I had expected. You have to remember every individual is a different case. I'm coming up on 5 years (8/21/14) since diagnoses. the Doctors gave me a 50/50 chance of survival @ 5 years). 3 years ago ( 9/1/11) I switched my healthcare provider from Kaiser to Military Veterans healthcare. I couldn't be happier. I'm 100% service connected disability due to Agent Orange (Vietnam). On 12/15/13 I got the ok from the doctor to volunteer @ the VA hospital here in Denver. I'm helping out in the infusion clinic 2 days a week. I feel I can relate to the other Veterans with their Cancer Therapy questions and comfort them in some way, with my positive attitude. To all who reads this: Keep a positive attitude, ask questions, and learn as much as you can about your condition and direction, as it is your body, and you & your Doctor will have to make decisions along the way, which way you will proceed. Hug your family and your support people every day. God Bless ALL.


November 2014

On November 12th 2013 I had a cat scan and a bone scan and was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer to the bones. December of 2013 PSA @ 24.25.... Jan. 3 of 2014 started Zytiga (Abiraterone Acetate), And once monthly an infusion of Zometa to help control and possibly slow the progression of the bone cancer. The Zytiga brought my PSA; down to 2.07 within a month. I have been on the Zytiga, Zometa, And 6 month lupron injection for all of 2014. Only side effects from this treatment for me is a bit of leg pain and some fatigue. I control the pain with Tramadol. My PSA; from Jan. 2014 to October 2014 has been slowly rising every month to 4.09 as of Nov. 1 2014. I will continue this line of treatment until the Zytiga fails. I will update this post when treatment changes or any new side effects occur. I am 5 years and 2 months from my initial prostate cancer diagnoses, that was a PSA; of 36. and a Gleason 9. I'm always thinking positive thoughts and staying motivated. God Bless all.


July 2015

Zytiga failed after 14 months. Progressive bone mets. On to chemotherapy. Dose taxol. 10 total infusions of 21 day cycles. Keeping PSA @ 3.55 after 7 treatments. If PSA moves considerably higher another bone bone scan will be done. Coming up on 6 year survival 8/21/2015. I'm always thinking positive thoughts. God Bless all.


May 2016

Well, it's been almost another year since I have updated. On 12/1/2015 another bone scan indicated not many extra spots. Bone scan yearly. I have moved on to taking Xtandy (Enzulamide). 4 capsules a day. This is holding the PSA; to around 7 for the last 2 months. I will be on this until it fails and my PSA accelerates. then on to something new. I think the Enzulamide has triggered my arthritic pain in my shoulders. Constipation is a problem but under control with medication. Zometa infusion every 3 months. Lupron infusion every 6 months for life. I have asked the doctor to help me find a Clinical trial that I may qualify for. Trial may not help me, but hopefully future prostate cancer patients. Maybe an immune system trial is in the future. Hope so. Think positive thoughts. Hug your family everyday, and support people and God Bless everyone. 8/21/2016 will be 7 years.

Fred's e-mail address is: vetfdm AT comcast.net (replace "AT" with "@")