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Michael Heard and Gracia live in Arizona, USA. He was 64 when he was diagnosed in February, 2007. His initial PSA was 12.60 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 6, and he was staged T1c. His choice of treatment was Surgery (Retropubic Prostatectomy + RT + ADT). Here is his story.

The process leading up to my PC diagnosis was as follows
Date PSA
6/1/95 2.5
12/1/2000 5.5
2/1/2001 4.7
8/1/2001 4.7
5/19/2002 5.2 biopsy-negative
1/1/2004 6.3
2/6/2004 4.8 biopsy-negative
8/24/2004 6.8 biopsy-negative
2/1/2005 5.3
10/20/2005 8.6
10/11/2006 11.7 antibiotics taken to rule out infection
1/17/2007 12.7 biopsy-positive
2/13/2007 pathology report - 2 of 23 sites adenocarcinoma
3/7/2007 Bone scan -normal
CT study normal

Based on the above history, surgery is scheduled for May 3, 2007 I have never had any outward symptoms. Prostate is slightly large.


June 2007

May 7, 2007 Update I had surgery at Banner Baywood hospital May 3, 7:30 am. The operation took 3 hours(Dr had estimated 2) The Dr said The prostate was inflamed & larger than estimated. Dr was able to save both nerves. I'm optimistic. Dr also took the lymph glands. Lab tests will be back next week. We'll see if the cancer was contained to the prostate. My hospital stay was relatively painfree. They provided self administered pain medication through the IV. I really didn't need it, but I tried it a couple times. Works fast. It was comforting to have it available at the push of a button.

Dr wants me to be as active as possible. The nurse got me up the day of surgery and walked slowly about 50 feet. I walked 3 or more times a day during my 3 day stay. At first I needed help disconnecting devices attached to me but I learned how. Let's see -- attached to me were IV, oxygen sensor, catheter,& drainage tube. Hospital personnel were very tied to "to do lists".

I received good care and everyone did the best they could to care for me. Even then you need to do all you can to care for yourself. I was on a liquid diet the first day, then Dr changed to solids. 2 day lunch hospital put me back on liquids. The rest of my stay, I had to send my meal back & change it. The spot where my catheter exited would get bloody & messy. I cleaned it myself, once I could get up.

Based on my experience, you really need to help yourself as much as possible during your hospital stay. Ask questions.


July 2007

Update July 2, 2007 PSA is now < 0.10 ng/ml. I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for Sept 12, 2007. My PSA will be measured.An interesting result of the surgery has been a lowering of blood pressure. I have reduced my medication to 1/4 of pre-surgery dose. I moniter it every day. I walk every day, now 2 miles and keep busy. No really heavy work. Incontinence is better. No erections but on organisms I squirt a little pee which hopefully will go away with time. My abdomenal area gets sore easily with yard work type activity. Hoping to get in better shape. Tomorrow will be the two month anniversary of my surgery and every day gets a little better.

Oh, another interesting effect - occasionally on visiting old friends and relatives, tears come for no reason. This too is happening less often.


September 2007

Sept 12, 2007 Three month check-up following surgery. Doctor says everything looks good. PSA < .1. Next checkup in 6 months. No erections yet. Will start trying Viagra.


March 2008

I had a PSA test (10 months since surgery) and met with my doctor for review March 12 '08. My PSA had increased from undetectable to 0.6 ng/ml. The Doctor put me on Lupron and is arranging for a consult with radiologist.

I have been very active and feeling very well.


July 2008

I complete a series of 39 radiation treatments July 7, 2008. I have had 38 treatments as of July 4, 2008. Also had a 3 month Lupron shot.

There have been no serious side affects. I have had hot flashes every day from the Lupron and a couple days of diarrhoea from radiation. I generally have less energy than usual but still take my 2.5 mile walk each day and ride my cycle to radiation treatments every day. I also care for my 92 year old mother in law, so I get a lot weight lifting exercise.

My last PSA was when I started radiation but had been using Lupron for a month. Lupron had brought my PSA down from .60 to .10. The Dr says the affect of radiation continues after treatment for five or six weeks. At that time I will have my PSA tested again and see the doctor.

I will update again when I get the results.


October 2008

August 25, 2008 2nd Lupron injection good for four months. I will have one more Dec 26, 2008. Currently my PSA test has been undetectable. The lab I use considers anything below 0.10 undetectable. I have been exercising and watching my Mediterranean diet.


January 2009

December 16, 2008 I was given my last scheduled Lupron injection (good for 4 months). My PSA measured January 12 2009 was < .1 (undetectable). I will wait and watch my PSA to see if it stays down. I am looking forward to a spell with no hormone shots.


May 2009

April 20, 2009 was 4 months from my last Lupron shot. My PSA was undetectable. I have Dr Myers' book and am taking the supplements he recommends. I will have PSA every 3 months and am hopeful it will remain below 0.10.


March 2010

After radiation treatments, I developed bladder cancer. The doctor says this is a completely different type of cancer and could not be definitely related to the radiation treatments. The bladder cancer was treated and at this time I am free of both pc and bladder cancer.

My PSA taken April, 2010 was < 0.10. I am a bit incontinent, I believe due to the 6 weekly catheterisations for bladder treatments. I anticipate this will get better. I continue to take supplements, watch my diet and have quarterly checkups.


March 2011

No detectible PSA. Doctor seems more concerned about the bladder cancer return. All is going well. Still some incontinence on squatting or straining. Still only partial erections. Feeling great.


April 2012

Currently no side effects except I still have a little bladder leakeage when I squat or strain. My next

Dr Checkup and PSA will be in June. I will report the results of the test.


February 2013

Feb 26, 2013 Last Dr checkup (June, 2012) my PSA; was undetectable and my bladder cancer exam showed no problem. Dr extended my checkup frequency to once a year. Feel fine, energy level generally good. Except for bladder leakage when straining or squating I feel fine. I use one small pad a day to absorb the leakage. I will be 71 this year.


March 2014

Last PSA 11/28/2013. Non detectible. Leakage is about the same. This is tolerable. It is still irritating urinating frequently (every 3 to 4 hours) and when squating and straining still have leakage. Generally, use one pad per day. I am taking calcium aspartate and chelated magnesium for the ostoporosis. Also take a multivitamin. Life has been normal. I get my PSA; tested annually. The bladder cancer has not re-ocurred.


April 2015

PSA has gone from <.1 to .3 Still checking with dr annually. Feel fine and am active.


May 2016

I am currently watching my PSA carefully 3-8-16 it had gone to 0.5 I'll be seeing my urologist Dr Nguyen tomorrow (5-2-16) we have been watching and waiting.

Michael's e-mail address is: michaelhheard@hotmail.com