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Mike Shearer and Christi live in North Carolina, USA. He was 58 when he was diagnosed in June, 2010. His initial PSA was 4.00 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 6, and he was staged T1c. His choice of treatment was Surgery (Robotic Laparoscopic Prostatectomy). Here is his story.

First Shock then feel fortunate to have just happened to have a blood test/physical done. My PSA is "just" 4.0 ng/ml. The only operation in my life to this point was tonsils over 50 years ago. I am very active, bike over 100 miles a week, never smoked and gave up alcohol a year ago.

Since I am only 58 and still working my biggest concern is managing things (leakage) when I go back to work. This means international flights and customers who may be meeting me for the first time.

Now in three days I have a date with the Da Vinci robot. I have learned the importance of sharing with my wife and as well with friends and even more profound with those who have gone through this.

Will love to share and Mentor in a few weeks.


June 2011

It was about one year ago I knew I had prostate cancer and I had Da Vinci surgery 11 months ago.

Fifteen days after the surgery I flew with my wife from Florida to California for a job interview. The interview lasted 15 hours including dinner but I did get the job. We moved to California and the job is great.

Just before I started the new job my three month PSA reading was 0.00. I travel the world in my job. I wear a pad for security but otherwise the "only" side effect now is no erection. I just had my PSA test post 10 months from surgery and still 0.00. I feel very fortunate.

I talk to many long time friends who also came down with this problem as well as continue to talk to people who have helped me when I first became aware of my prostate cancer. I would be more than willing to talk to you I know it helped me. I have learned to treasure life and use this little "kitty" as an excuse to fill the "void" with many old bicycles that I restore and ride.

If you need a friend or a person who has gone through this feel free to contact me. I gained much from the people I met here when I needed it the most.


July 2012

Well it is two years since I had DaVinci Surgery and as far as I am concerned life is good. My PSA is 0. I wear a small pad just in case every day. If I ride long or hard on my bike I known that it is not sweat. In terms of an erection- minor. I do not take blue pills as I am generally against medication. This is the only down side. It has brought my wife and I closer but this is the one area I am not having any luck.

I have had a few people contact me and please feel free if my story seems like one that fits you.

Good Luck



August 2013

My wife Christi and I just moved to England. Last exercise before moving a PSA test. Result 0.0 I am 61 still working and "commute" to work by bike 14 miles each way. No pad just sweat during this unusual hot/dry summer in the UK.

We live in a little village "Little Haseley" about 12 miles from Oxford. Since prostate cancer has no geographic restrictions anyone close by who wishes to talk or cycle let me know.


September 2014

One year on still living in Little Haseley a few miles outside of Oxford. We moved here last August and I biked nearly everyday 15 miles each way right through Autumn (beautiful) into dark, wet Winter (awesome) and then into Spring and wonderful summer. Now the days are beginning to get shorter again.

Riding to and from work is relaxing almost all the time. Twice knocked off my bike. Once by a car (she claimed it was an accident and didn't see me) glad to know it was not on purpose and once by a branch poking out of the hedges. Survived both with no issues.

No issues with PSA or otherwise on that front. Anyone looking for a friend to talk frankly about what you may be going through feel free to contact me.


October 2015

Another year has passed by and we are entering our 3rd year as American Expats living in Oxfordshire UK. I continue to work and bicycle 32 miles Rd trip to work when I am working in the office. So far this year a bit over 2100 miles. There is a cycle forum and one part is on miles commuting. Although I am in about 30th place overall, I am 1st among non-Americans-- neck and neck with someone in Brisbane. He/she has an advantage coming up as their seasons are six months out from mine. So daylight and summer is coming for them.

Otherwise life is fine. Living in the UK gives my wife and I a chance to explore many cities in Europe. Just back from Budapest and do spend quite a bit of time in Berlin.

Anyone who would like to talk feel free to e-mail me.


January 2017

New Years Day 2017. We moved back to the US from Oxford UK in June. This should be my last year of working and my wife and our dog Fiona plan to move to Durham area of North Carolina. As it is a day to make a resolution mine is to shed the 10 lbs I put on this year.

Most times I do not think about the cancer I had. Instead I look forward. I am lucky to have caught it early and have had a successful surgery. Retiring at the end of 2017 is now a large reality coming quickly. Buying a home, long distance biking, reading, perhaps going back to school. Both Duke and UNC have great schools for seniors with real classes.

If someone wishes to contact me please feel free to do so.


February 2018

A year has gone by and we have moved from SF Bay area to Wilmington NC. This is part of a glide path to retirement. Still working but now where my wife and I prefer to live.

For better or worse I have discussed Prostate Cancer with a few men who have found out they have cancer. I always suggest they come to this site.

As to my own condition no changes and am thankful of my decision. Now if I can lose 20lbs life would be a bit better.

Mike's e-mail address is: mhassel-shearer AT gatan.com (replace "AT" with "@")