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Neil Falcone and Beth live in Virginia, USA. He was 65 when he was diagnosed in September, 2008. His initial PSA was 3.20 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 7, and he was staged T1c. His choice of treatment was External Beam Radiation (CyberKnife). Here is his story.

I was given a biopsy on Sept. 12, 2008. I am 65.

I had 5 positive cores out of 16. I have considered Robotic surgery but I have just heard about cyber knife radiation. The biopsy showed an 84% chance of confined disease with a 12% extracapsular extension. Today is October 5, 2008. I an wondering if anyone here has considered or had this type of treatment.

I live in Northern Virginia and I heard that Georgetown University Hospital has this treatment. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


January 2009

I completed my five treatments on December 24, 2008.

I had urinary "twinging" and BM frequency urges for one week. As of January 1, 2009, I feel quite normal as before the treatment. I also had a PSA test on the first day , 2.9. I actually fell asleep during each treatment as I was trying to stay awake to watch my "Cyber" do its thing. This was all done at Georgetown University Hospital in DC. which I highly recommend.

Now I will get a follow-up PSA on January 23. I feel like I bought some more quality of life time.

Good luck in whatever choice you make.


Today is January 26, 2009. I just got my first post PSA # 2.0. Dr. Collins said that was par for the course. We will do another PSA in two months.

As far as side affects go, I had bowel frequency and urinary "pressure" for the first week post treatment. I have been on Flowmax 0.4 mg since the 3rd treatment and I will stop it soon and see how it goes.

My previous PSA numbers were 5.3 in May. 3.3 in September and 2.9 on the first day of treatment. So I guess I'm looking at progress not perfection.

I hope others give this treatment a consideration.

Good luck to all.


October 2009

As of October 9, 2009 my last PSA was 1.0 down from 1.4 in June 2009. I am feeling well and I am very hopeful and positive for the future.



January 2010

It has been one year since my Cyberknife® treatment. My PSA results went to 0.9. I am extremely pleased with the results so far. Dr. Sean Collins at Georgetown also checked me digitally and continues to say " your prostate feels normal" and keep up the good work.

I am pleased that I made the choice for this "new' treatment.



March 2011

I'm sorry I haven't updated in the last year...

Since January 2010 my 3 month PSA results have been:

January 2010 PSA 0.9

April 2010 PSA 0.7

July 2010 PSA 0.7

October 2010 PSA 0.8

January 2011 PSA 0.3 "AMAZING!"

Dr. Collins also has done the digital exam at each check-up. He continues to say if I didn't know you had prostate cancer that my prostate has no lumps and remains small.

I am now on a 6 month check-up now after two years since the CyberKnife was performed.

Again, I am still thrilled at this time with my results so far.

Neil & Beth


June 2011

I had my CyberKnife treatment in December 2008. I just completed my first six month check-up.

Dr. Collins informed me that my PSA remained at 0.30. I am now two and a half years post treatment and I feel very blessed.

Thank you Dr. Collins, Georgetown Hospital, and most of all "CyberKnife"...

Neil & Beth


December 2011

It has now been three years since I had the Cyberknife treatment at Georgetown Hospital in DC. My PSA at this time is 0.50. Dr. Sean Collins is very pleased with my continuing progress.

My digital exam was also normal. I hope that this information is useful for anyone who is considering or has had the Cyberknife. Keep the Faith,

Neil and Beth


July 2012

I just had my 3 1/2 year check-up on June 18, 2012. Dr. Collins said my PSA; is still excellent at 0.3. My digital exam was normal. He is very pleased with my progress and said my prognosis is very good for the future. Again, I believe the CyberKnife treatment at Georgetown University Hospital and the medical staff gave me everything and more to treat my PC. I know that there are not many CyberKnife experiences so far, but it s still relatively new compared to many other logical choices. Good luck to all who have decisions to make in their treatment choices.


March 2013

I had my last PSA test on December 10, 2012. My number at that time was 0.4.

This was my 4 year check-up. Dr. Collins will now see me in December 2013 for the BIG "5" year check-up. He has been very encouraged by my consistent low number and the digital prostate exam. In December I will also see the head urologist for the comprehensive overall exam for a complete prostate area evaluation. AS I have stated over the last three years, I am very delighted so far with my achieved results and benchmarks.


January 2014

My 5 year check-up was completed on December 16, 2013. PSA 0.4

My original CyberKnife treatment was 5 sessions completed in December 2008.

I had my follow-ups with Dr. John Lynch, Urologist and Dr. Sean Collins, Oncologist at Georgetown University Hospital Lombardi Cancer Center. They both gave me a thorough written and physical exam to confirm my progress. As I have stated in previous updates, they are very pleased as I am with my results. They will see me in one year intervals from now on. I am also going to follow up with Dr. Lynch about the possibility of initiating supervised Testosterone treatments if that would be viable. I will update on this option also, and would look forward to receiving any feedback about pros and cons for treatment.


February 2015

Hello everyone. I had my last PSA on Dec.1 2014. It came back at 0.04. Staying fairly close to my previous numbers. This was my 6 year check-up. The only change is that I have lost all ejaculatory fluid production. I still feel the sensation at orgasm. My oncologist said that at my age (71), that this is not unusual. I now mimic a man without a prostate at this point. Bottom-line though, I feel good and my energy is still good. As I said before I would do the CyberKnife treatment again. Good luck in all of your decisions as they appear.


January 2016

My Oncologist, Dr. Sean Collins said that since my PSA was consistent for the last couple of years, that I could have my PSA test done by my Internist where I live. I did that and had a November 2015 PSA of .3. My overall health has been fairly good for my age (72). All things considered, I am very pleased to have chosen the Cyberknife treatment at Georgetown Hospital in December 2008.


April 2017

Hello, I am updating my story as of April 4, 2017. I had my last PSA (0.28) taken in November 2016.

My regular medical internist has taken over the regular PSA drawings since 2015. My oncologist said that this would be fine as I have been in remission for 9 years. I still provide a detailed answered questionnaire of mental and physical limitations and experiences that have occurred on a yearly basis. Dr.Collins (my oncologist) is keeping these records as I was one of the first 100 patients to receive the Cyber-knife treatment at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington D.C.. I am still fairly active for my age (73) and plan on continuing on this path. Good luck to all past, present, and future YANA members.

Neil's e-mail address is: xr750v8 AT aol.com (replace "AT" with "@")