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Doug F lives in Michigan, USA. He was 67 when he was diagnosed in November, 2004. His initial PSA was 6.30 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 9, and he was staged T3a. His choice of treatment was Surgery (Robotic Laparoscopic Prostatectomy). Here is his story.

A Prostate Cancer Treatment that Worked for Me

I started yearly PSA testing in 1995. My PSA stayed about the same for the first few years, then it started to climb. In 2004 after a biopsy (at the age of 67), I was diagnosed with a Gleason 4+4 and 4+5 prostate cancer. I then had a Radical Prostatectomy, followed by salvage radiation. Neither worked. It was already systemic prior to the removal of the prostate.

I have advanced prostate cancer that is very aggressive. My PSA can double every 10 to 12 days if I'm not on some kind of treatment.

I went on hormone therapy after I found it was systemic. This worked for me for a few years. Eight months continuous, and then the rest of the time on intermittent therapy. I did Lupron by itself, and also CAB with Casodex and Proscar.

Then I failed Lupron. My PSA would go up even though I was at a castrate level.

So I started Estradiol patches. First on one patch .1mg, then followed by 3 patches, and ended up using 4 patches .4 mg. With 4 patches I was able to get my testosterone to very low castrate levels. Sometimes better than when I was on Lupron.

I was on the patches for 15 months and maintained an average PSA of 1.2 to 1.6.

My highest Estradiol level during this time was over 500. This is a much higher Estradiol level than most women over the age of 45 would have.

I know if I wanted my PSA below 0.1ng/ml, I would have to use between 6 and 8 patches per week.

A total pain... it's because they are very hard to keep on your body. I also would have to keep my Estradiol level somewhere over 700.

Then I decided to make an Estradiol compound that would replace the patches. Just rub the gel on your arm daily. It did work for me, but not as good as I wanted. I found that my math was horribly wrong.

I put the compound to sleep for a while, will get back to making a new compound at a later date.

I'm sure the next time it will work much better than my first try.

Remember that the pharmaceutical companies would have ran this trial for few years with many patients. I ran it for 3 months with one patient.

Luckily, I was able to keep my PSA very low through the years..... even though I had a very aggressive cancer, my high was 2.33 ng/ml for about a week. The rest was below 2.0 ng/ml. This requires constant attention to keep it under control.

Going back to 2004: Prior to finding that I had prostate cancer. I met Harry Pinchot from PCRI (Prostate Cancer Research Institute) and Brad Guess (who at the time worked as a PA for Dr. Mark Scholz) for lunch. Most of the discussion at lunch was on prostate cancer. One of many things that I learned from Harry that day was…

  • You have to know more about treating your prostate cancer, than the doctor treating you.
  • The other thing that I learned from him was you had to do a lot of studying in order to stay ahead of the game. He felt that many new drugs and treatments will be coming available in the near future. "And he was sure right on that comment"

Harry and I had many interesting discussions over a four year period. He was the most knowledgeable lay person anywhere in the country on prostate cancer.

It was a major loss to prostate cancer patients when he passed away in January of 2008.

As Harry said, do a lot of studying. So I started studying advanced prostate cancer for the next 8 years. I still average 30 to 40 hours per week looking at a computer screen.

I've been blessed by having a doctor that has allowed me to make my own decisions on how to treat myself since March of 2007. My first one was when I decided to go on intermittent hormone therapy. We usually discuss the new protocol to make sure I don't kill myself.

I am also very involved with two support groups in Michigan. I either give a talk or show talks given by doctors from around the country.

I also talk to many PCa patients around the country on procedures, and available drugs for treating their prostate cancer.

Dexamethasone has been a drug that I wanted to try for the last 3 to 4 years. I did try it for one month about a year ago. At that time, my T level was between 60 and 80. I found it will not work unless your T level is below 20. Preferably as low as you can get it. Like below 10. I wanted to prove that it wouldn't work at a high Testosterone level.

I now went back on Lupron, even though I knew it would not work for me. That's OK....... all I want it to do is get my T level below 15. To help it out, I also added an Estradiol patch to assist the Lupron... it does work.

The patch will reduce your T and PSA level. It will also reduce your hot flashes that are a pain for all of us on hormone therapy. Or you can use them to treat you cancer without any other drugs. It will also reduce bone loss. I have seen patients recover over 60% of their bone loss using 8 patches. Check with your doctor first.

So now I started using Dexamethasone 1 Mg per day along with Lupron to get a synergistic response, and it did work. In 30 days my PSA went from 1.63 down to 0.06. I also put on one patch .1 Mg for two weeks to help keep my T level as low as I could get it.

The next 30 days it dropped from 0.06 TO 0.007 (undetectable)

I know that Dexamethasone and Prednisone are in the same family of drugs. But Dex has a couple pathways that Prednisone does not have.

I decided to try Prednisone 7 mg for 30 days to see if it would work for me the same way that Dex did.

As I thought, it didn't work at all even though my Testosterone level was below 10 ng/dL.

Jan 29-2013 So my PSA went from 0.007 up to 0.13 -- quite a jump for 30 days.

Just a little information: (1.0 mg of Dexametasone equals 6.6 Mg of Prednisone).

I then went back on Dexamethasone, but this time I dropped the dose from 1.0 to 0.75 mg to see if a lower dose would work.

March 4-2013 The PSA dropped from 0.13 to 0.05 with a T level below 10. Will have to see how much energy is still left with a dexamethasone dose of 0.75 mg. One Estradiol patch was also used with this test.

I'm going to use the same protocol until APRIL 8-2013 This is the last month left from my 3-month Lupron shot.

April 8-2013 PSA dropped from 0.05 to 0.01 PSA <0.01 T level below 10

Will post my next results after the 10th of May...

I have a couple more ways I'm going to treat myself over the next few months. Will post as soon as I know what I'M GOING TO DO.

I ran a DHT blood test to see what my DHT level is when using Dex. I knew it would drop it but wasn't expecting it to drop as much as it did. Normal levels are 119 to 719, mine went down to <2.50 or less. This proves to me that Dex will take care of DHT levels. Remember DHT is anywhere between 5 to 8 times more potent than normal Testosterone levels. This is something that all advanced patients should monitor periodically.

A WORD OF CAUTION -- Remember that Dexamethasone is a steroid. You will have to drop the dosage slowly when you decide to get off the drug.

There are many people that have used both Dex and Pred that had problems when they try to get off the drug. Most have been on very high doses, and some have just failed to reduce the dosage slowly. My goal is to start at 1.0 mg, then drop to 0.75 mg, and then maybe to 0.50 mg. (From 1 mg and below is a low dosage).

Check with your doctor and pharmacist before you try using this drug because of drug-drug interactions.......and also how they recommend getting off of it.


April 2013

April 8-2013 PSA dropped from 0.05 to <0.01 T level below 10

My next treatment will be two drugs only. (4 Estradiol patches .4 mg to keep my T level low, and Dexamethasone .75 mg.

Will see how this new protocol works for me in about 30 days.

I have a couple more ways I'm going to treat myself over the next few months. Will post as soon as I know what I'm going to do.


May 2013

Blood test results from May 8th are, PSA 0.004 (T level below 10)

My next treatment will be using the same two drugs, but increasing the Dex from 075 mg to 1 mg.

The reason I'm increasing the Dex is because I also have a disease called PMR that is normally treated with prednisone. I'm doing the two birds with one stone treatment.

Will see if this protocol will continue to work for me over the next month or two. My thoughts as of now is to run this until it fails.

As we all know, this treatment is just a temporary patch until the cancer outsmarts what I'm doing.

If anyone try's treating themselves this way, let me know what kind of results you obtain.

There has been 5 of us (that I know of) have tried it. It worked on 3 and failed on 2.



June 2013

June 10th results PSA <0.01-------T level below 10-------E level 66

I didn't use the ultra-sensitive test this month, but as you can see it is in the ultra-sensitive range.

I am following the May protocol again this month.

If anyone decides to use this protocol, please let me know your results. Thank you

If you don't see a posting for July, I decided to wait 2 months to get my next blood test.

I will not post later then August 14th..........

Have a nice day, Doug


July 2013

The PSA is in the ultra-sensitive range again this month.

Testosterone level is below 10

Estradiol level 543

As I mention last month, I'm going to continue the same protocol until it fails.



August 2013

PSA 0.005 is still in the ultra-sensitive range... My T level is below 10...

This was with a dosage reduction 2 days after the last posting. See below.............

I reduced the estradiol patches from 4 to 3, and Dexamethasone from 1.0 mg to .75 mg on the 12th of July. Had 31 days on the lower protocol with good results...

I'm going to keep the same protocol for the next 30 plus days.

Have a nice day



September 2013

September 10th

PSA <0.01---T level below 10---Estradiol level 199.

As you can see.....I'm still in the ultra sensitive range.

I'm going to keep the same protocol until my next PSA test.

Three Estradiol patches and .75 mg of Dexamethazone.

Let me know if you give this protocol a try.

It might be 6 to 8 weeks before I get retested.

Have a nice day............



October 2013

I get many email asking what I eat, what supplements I take, and what other drugs I've taken to treat my cancer.

I'm not sure if just one, two, or many of what I listed below helps to treat prostate cancer.

I hope the following answers your questions.

Food, supplements. And spices I use frequently:

Oatmeal with cinnamon, ginger, honey, vanilla, & soy milk.
Most Sundays I have a veggie omelet and potatoes at our favorite restaurant. I use quite a bit hot sauce on both.

I eat very little for lunch. Many of the days I heat up some pasta sauce with mushrooms, onions, garlic a few spices, and olive oil. A couple days I'll eat a can of tuna packed in water. Of course, adding some spices.

Fish, chicken, pasta, vegetables (many cruciferous), and salads with anchovies, onions, and garlic...very seldom do I eat red meat.
Some evenings I have a couple beers and a hand full of nuts. Mostly when I'm watching sports.

Turmeric- basil- nutmeg- oregano- cloves- pasta sauce- garlic- onions- chive- rosemary- chili powder- many hot sauces- tarragon- ground cumin- curcumin- bragg organic vinegar with mother- horseradish- pomegranate juice and pom capsules - olive oil. I also ate cottage cheese with ground flax seed for a few months.

Drugs I've taken over the last 9 years for prostate cancer:

Bicalutamide- flutamide- nilutamide- lupron- proscar- avodart- estradiol gel- estradiol patches- dexamethasone- prednisone
The following 3 drugs were used for a very short period of time...celebrex- metformin- emcyt

Have a nice day

Doug F


October 2013

October 23 2013

PSA <0.01 T level below 10 Estradiol level 217

I started this protocol 12 months ago. Every test was in the ultra sensitive range except for the month I gave the prednisone a try instead of using Dexamethasone. It was something I had to try while I had the chance to check it against a drug that was working.

I will continue the same protocol for the next 6 weeks.


If you want to try the protocol I'm using please follow these guide lines.

Check with your doctor first.

Get your T level as low as you can get it. Surely below 15. Use Lupron or four Estradiol patches. Maybe use both. Use only two patches with the Lupron.

Use 1mg of Dexamethasone. Do not use the Dexa until you have a low Testosterone level.

When testing your PSA and testosterone, also check your DHT. You will want to see it at the lower end of the scale. If your DHT isn't low, take one Avodart per day. The Avodart should lower your DHT. Finasteride (proscar) would be a second choice.

The lower the PSA when you start....the better the protocol will work.

I have found the Gleason score or aggressiveness of the cancer didn't seem to matter.

The only side effects I have is thin skin on my arms. It should go away when I stop the protocol.

Send me an email if you have any questions.

Have a nice day

Doug F


December 2013

December 3rd

PSA <0.01----T level below 10----Estradiol 121 pg/ml

I'm going to change my protocol to only 2 patches and .5 mg of Dexamethasone.

This may be pushing the rock bottom of meds I can use and still maintain an undetectable PSA level.

I believe I will see a slight upward change in my PSA with this protocol. Well, we will see in a few weeks.

Have a nice day. Doug


January 2014

January 3rd 2014

PSA 0.02---T level below 10---Estradiol 117 pg/ml Sed Rate 17

As you can see my PSA went up for the first time in months. I had a feeling it would go up. (see December)... Even though my PSA went up I'm going to stay on the same protocol as December.

I'm going to add metformin (500 mg) to the above to see if it will help to maintain my present PSA.

"500 mg is a very low dose of metformin".

See you in about 30 days...........

Have a nice day, Doug


February 2014

February 4th 2014

PSA 0.02--- T level below 5--- Estradiol 210 pg/mL

My PSA went up in January from <0.01 in December to 0.02...It went up because I dropped the dosage of both drugs to see what kind of change would occur. I was happy with the small increase in PSA over the last two months using a very low dosage of both drugs.

My protocol for Feb 4th to the first week in March will be 2 Estradiol patches with a change in the Dexa. Because my PMR was acting up last month I'm going to increase the Dexa to .5 mg every other day, and the in between days I will take .75 mg.. It will add up to an average of .625 mg.

PMR can become very painful if not treated.

Have a nice day. Doug


February 2015

FEBRUARY 28th 2015

Well I'm back after not posting for many months. Been very busy taking care of my 99 year old Dad and 97 year old Mom.

Also keeping very busy answering up to 60 email per month. Most of the Pca patients sending email are from the United States....the remainder are from 9 other countries.

There have been many new trials popping up across the big pond using Estradiol by itself, or in combination with Dexamethasone or other drugs for treating prostate cancer.

I receive quite a few email asking me if the reason for the new trials is because of my postings showing the protocol does work for a percentage of the Pca patients....or is it because of the chatter on some of the Pca sites discussing how I've been treating myself. My answer is, for whatever the reason, it's about time someone is looking into a reasonable way of treating Pca without paying enormous monies to the pharmaceutical companies.

There is no way I could dish out $5,000 to $8,000 per month to control my Pca.

Now to update you on what I've Been doing to treat my Pca since my last posting on February 2014.

My PSA stayed at 0.01 for quite a few months until I got off my protocol to try something new. The first thing that happened was my PSA started to rise immediately. With the new protocols I was trying I was able to keep the PSA controlled before it got away from me.

I did give the Estradiol transdermal gel another try to see if this new batch I put together would work better then the one I made up a couple years ago. It did, but not good enough for me to call it a winner.

Nothing I put together worked anywhere near as good as the Estradiol and Dexa.

I did reduce the patches from 4 to 3 to 2, and the Dexa down as low as .5mg to see if I could still hold a undetectable PSA level, but it didn't work. Of course when the PSA goes up so does the cancer volume.

So now I have to work a little harder on dropping it back to at least 0.09 or lower. I went up to 8 patches for a week, then went to 6 for awhile until I can get the PSA in a lower range.

I have been using Alvogen patches for the last few months. I don't believe they are working as well as some of the patches I've used in the past. I did call the company that supplies the patches and discussed it with them. They were very pleasant and said they would get back to me. I have received a few email from patients using the same patch saying their PSA is rising also. Will get to the bottom of this soon.

My last PSA was 0.14...not a big concern. Will be getting another blood test on the 11th of March.

Will post it within a couple days after I get the results.

Have a nice day, Doug F


March 2015

March 11th PSA 0.32---T Level <2.5--- Estradiol Level ???---DHT Level 10.8

My PSA more then doubled in about 6 weeks. I believe it's because of the patches I'm using. I have had a few patients email or call me letting me know that their PSA is rising also.

I have informed the suppler and waiting for a reply. I'm going to see if I can get a couple weeks supply from Mylan....the prior supplier of my patches to see if I get a different result.

I'm no longer going to respond to email or phone calls. I'm presently taking care of my dad (100 years old) who has dementia. I also have other issues I need to address.

Have a nice day



August 2015

As you can see above, I decided to retire answering the nearly 600 email per year I was receiving. They were from the USA and 14 other countries. I get asked a lot now about how I'm doing, and what protocol I'm presently using.

My PSA has stayed fairly low. It was 0.14 on July 29th, down from 0.34 in May. Why, not sure....

I'm still using 1mg of Dexamethasone with just one Estradiol patch, plus Lupron. The reason I'm using Lupron now is because I'm in the gap on my D insurance. (No charge for the Lupron).

Dexamethasone is the king drug in the protocol I'm using. Many patients can benefit from using it with Lupron. Better than 80% of the doctors world wide don't understand the benefit of Dexa.

Have a nice day...Doug F


July 2016

Been ask many times to update my post. Sorry, been very busy.

As you will see, I've made only minor changes.

I dropped the Estradiol patches from 4 to 1 and then ended up using 2.

I went up on the dose of Dexamethasone from 1mg to 1.75 mg's.

The dose increase was do to a rise in my PSA. My PSA has stayed between 0.32 and 0.76 with this protocol. I don't plan any changes to the present protocol.

I had a f18 pet (sodium fluoride) scan done 6 weeks ago. What a waste. The scan is one of the best if your doctor and the doctors giving it are up to speed on the protocol needed for the bone mets to be seen by the scan. My PSA the morning of the scan was a little over 0.3 and going down. Two bad things for the scan to work.

With a 0.3 PSA you only have a 3% chance that the scan will see any mets, even if you have a dozen or so in your bones.....Add a declining PSA and you will have less then a 3% chance.

If you are 0.5 or 6 you will have a approx 7% chance of something showing up on you report.

You will need a 1.1 or above, preferably higher to get a accurate scan result.

With a Gleason 9 and missing a prostate, and a PSA that will double every 3 weeks my report came back clean.. NO mets... Nice if true

Be very careful if your doctor orders one for you.

Will post again within the next couple weeks.

Have a nice day, Doug F


September 2016


Let's say I'm a 28 year old bachelor living in my apartment since I got out of collage. This apartment is truly a testosterone apartment. Beer cans stacked on the kitchen counter....sink full of dirty dishes, and the garbage empted only when he can't stand the smell.

As you all know, Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone is the PCa most desired food along with the support of angiogenesis.

He then met a young miss that we will name Estrogen. He asked Estrogen to move in with him, and she did, bringing transdermal Estradiol patches with her. New arrangements immediately occurred in the apartment.

The beer cans were gone from the counter, the dishes were done daily, and the garbage was removed way before it started to smell. Also, a pair of slippers were put next to the door to slip on after he removes his shoes.

As you can see his apartment is now ran by a women. The T is in a true castrate level and ran by an Estrogen based drug.

Estrogen also hires a lady to do the cleaning named Dexa. She can also work as a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor by reducing your DHT down to a castrate level. Dexa also organized the closet….pants on one side, shirts on the other side….and of course color coordinated. The sock draw was also color coordinated….along with the underwear in its draw all stacked in placed. Then before she leaves she puts clean sheets on the bed with decorative pillows on the bed spread to give it the estrogen look.

This guy now has a rearranged apartment that controls prostate cancer.

The technical explanation that I used for a few years wasn't working. Most didn't understand it. So I put together this story and now they all understand how it works.

As of 8-22-16 I'm using 2 patches...1mg of Dexa (reduced from 1.75mg... and proscar................... my PSA is 0.62

Doug F

Doug's e-mail address is: wynz@comcast.net