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Peter Kerr and Barbara live in Western Australia. He was 64 when he was diagnosed in October, 2014. His initial PSA was 9.70 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 8, and he was staged T2a. His choice of treatment was Other (Other). Here is his story.

06/10/2014 Yes 11 weeks ago I got the biopsy back on the Gleason scale 2 where 8 and 2 where 7, NOTE 10 is max and 8 is bad.

So doctor want to remove it straight away, I have put him off as I believe I can heal from the inside. As I got a virus 6 years ago that attacked my lower heart muscles I need to fix that too, so I lot going on my inside.

So that day I found out I had prostate cancer I started my new life, vegs, fruit, nuts, water, wheat grass, that's about me in 11 weeks come from 101kg to 87kg today, also my ph is 7.3 was 6 or lower before I started, I feel good.

Have also been on B17 (6 weeks), shark cartilage (10 weeks), and special hemp oil high in CBD but very low in THC [4 weeks].

Also 5 weeks ago I went to a Naturopath he liked what I was doing, with a few extra things he gave me to keep me on track, I have also been to see my heart specialist, loved my new readings took me of all my heart pills plus 80% of my pain has now gone.

Just some info on me:

Was 138/90 on pills now no pills 128/70
64 years young
Never smoked

Now the PSA
2004 4.5 Doctor was concerned.
2008 5.0
2012 5.5
2013 8.7 booked into specialist, by mid 2014 when I had biopsy 9.7 5th September 2014, by October most likely well over 10

06/10/2014 start my program.

22/12/2014 WAIT FOR IT 6.2

So in 2 months gone down 3.5 been hard work but will take another 4 to 6 months we think then I can ease off a little and a have a small piece of wild fish.

Doctor wants another PSA end of January 2015 Doc can not believe it, but I can.

Will update... how I am going when I get my next PSA test.


May 2015

OK been a hard 8 months not the outcome I hoped, too dangerous to keep going, as we have had a scare when my tail bone got very sore, thinking the cancer had spread into my bones doctor orderd new bone scan which I had last week and the news was great. Cancer still encased in prostate. The prostate has decreased in size, PSA; down to 3.2 but that's on ADT drugs (hormone drug) for 6 weeks while they find a spot for me on the operating table .

With family saying get it out I finally agree it to hard and up and down to carry on, even though what I am doing has done my heart wonders, and my body feels good. Need to put some weight on got down to 79.5 (from 103kg). Have added lamb and chicken back in to my diet and a few other natural stuff and back up to 82.5 just get a bit worn out after a day at work.

So this time next week 22/05 I will be one prostate lighter, not looking forward to it but will be glad to get rid of it, Then 4 to 6 weeks off work not good.

Looking back on it I was going fine when I didn't work for 3 months then when I went back to work my PSA; levels started rising again.

Looking back I would have done this.

Would make my own oil (very important as I know this stuff works but you can not work or drive)and not legal in Australia, I would go for a holiday where it is legal.

I must say to do it the natural way is hard work and is a full time job, plus not cheap hunting down the right food etc.

Also some things work for some people and not on others, so very hard unless you have no other choices and in your last months so you would hit the oil hard 60mil over 3 months you have nothing to lose, plus you get rid of any pain at the same time.

Will update when I feel better after op.


July 2015

Well I feel much better now 7 weeks (22nd May 2015) had prostate removed, first 2 weeks was hell but every week you feel much better. I would say I am 90% so doing well.

ADT was on for 6 weeks before op PSA; down to 3.2

In 9 months my prostate cancer went from T2a to T3b not good grew very fast.

Doctor pushing for me to have RAD in case they didn't get it all, Well my feeling is they wouldn't have a clue so let's burn it any way, well I will wait and see.

Got my PSA test today and 0.01 sounds fantastic to me, will get tested every 2 months and see how we go.

Good luck.


September 2015

Hi, Still alive PSA; 0.001, today first day with out a pad so that side is now good took a while.

Still and will be forever No Sugar, just a very healthy diet.

So doing well back up to 90kg will stay there.

Check ups every 2 months.

Please if you read this take my advice if your PSA is over 4 go and get check out buy a specialist.

My Doctor at the time put me on wait and watch at PSA 4.5 that's in 2004 10 years later I was in trouble.

Looking back should have had it out 5 to 8 years ago.

OK now 92% there, not looking good in the love life department, but will try a few things, wish me luck.

Cheers and good health.



November 2015

Ok just had blood test PSA still low 0.09 Doctor says this is still classed as undetectable was taken a different lab so will wait for 2 months before I get next test.

Now the good news went to a sex specialist as nothing happening down below he show me how to get a hard by injection and yes it works called ALPROSTADIL so just give my self injection stays hard for an hour. Only need 10 mins with my wife ahahhha so there is life after prostate removal. Just hope there are no side effects of this drug.

Other wise all good, pain all gone where I was cut, all back to normal.

Good luck to you all who are having problems just remember stay positive and eat only healty food no junk.

Do your homework it pays off and I am happy to answer your emails.

Cheers, Pete


June 2016

Last 13 month been one hell of a ride wish it on no one.

The next 12 months will be hard with PSA rising, I have to work out what to do going to do RAD, ADT, F ALL, OR SOMETHING ELSE ,,,,,any ideas anyone!!!!!!!!

PSA 1 month after op .02

PSA 3 months after op .09

PSA 12 months after op 0.52


November 2016

Hi All hope you are manging its not easy this shit does your mind in. Well when my PSA; got to .56 Dr said I need 36 treatments of RAD and 1 year of ADT (hormone drugs hate them) so off to Perth for 7 weeks of RAD august and September 2016 didn't want to go had many chats with Albany cancer support group and one with Vince the undertaker (that's his job) who had just done the treatment with no side effects, so I went and even though I had a few problems, I believe it was worth it as I have had a PET scan no trace and PSA test .000

Note: Because I have AF Doc took me off ADT as it was stuffing up my heart, and I feel much better, but they say it takes 12 months to get back to normal and I can see why any way will stop whining I am still alive and kicking.

So Doc said see you March 2017


July 2017

Ok had test (PSA) done 3rd March 2017 .02

New PSA 25th July 2017 .04 so bit worried close to 6 months up .02 ok help line do I need to panic yet ???? or is because the ADT drug have gone out of my system and the testosterone is back to normal ?????? any ideas.

Next test in 3 months think 6 months too long.

Peter's e-mail address is: peter AT crayboats.com (replace "AT" with "@")