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Agostini lives in the USA. He was 43 when he was diagnosed in February, 2002. His initial PSA was 4.70 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 6, and he was staged T1c. His choice of treatment was Surgery (Retropubic Prostatectomy). Here is his story.

I started getting check-up for Prostate Cancer back in 1995, when my father discovered he had Prostate Cancer. At that time my PSA was averaging about 1.8. I did not worry about it because at that time everything I read was a PSA of 4 to 9 was something you might want to investigate. Finally in 2000, my PSA was averaging 3.0, and I started getting seriously worried about the readings. The doctors I visited would tell me "It's an infection of the prostate.", and would prescribe antibiotics.

I was happy about the news and would take the antibiotics. Two years of taking antibiotics on and off and my PSA was still climbing. In 2002 it reached 4.7. I found another doctor and he agreed with my concerns and did a biopsy. On Feb 2002, my doctor telephoned me and informed me that I have Prostate Cancer, Gleason score of 3+3, slow growing. At age 43, this was one of the worse days in my life.


February 2002

I visited my doctor and basically told him that I wanted surgery, I wanted my Prostate out because it failed me once, it will fail me again. Besides, I wanted to go for the gold standard "surgery". He made me wait 60-days before the operation because he wanted to make sure that I would not change my mind, as it was a slow growing cancer. My Urologist, who is also board certified, wanted me to go somewhere else for the surgery, but I told him no, I wanted him to perform it because I was comfortable with him; the fact that he is board certified, performed numerous operations daily, took his time, and listened to my concerns, and of course, he was the one that took the extra step to find the cancer, make me feel very comfortable. (But you should never go by this, you should always find the very best surgeon that performs this operation thousands of time per year.)


June 2002

I had my prostate removed woke up and two catheters were inserted in my body. The first catheter was inserted in my penis, and it was a large diameter catheter, the second was in my stomach to remove fluids, and I had a pair of knee high socks on both legs that compress my legs every 30-seconds. After about 5-days I when home with only the Catheter still hooked to my penis. The socks and the stomach catheter were gone. My biggest problems was going to the bathroom, I used to cry because when I had to take a shit, I was in pain and would leak urine out of the catheter. But then I got smart, plan the time you want to go to the bathroom, eat light, take the stool softener, and take some laxative eight hours before you expect to use the bathroom, this made everything easier. Three weeks later my Catheter came off, I was one happy person.


July 2002

Six weeks after surgery and one week after my catheter was removed; I decided to return to work. I had my diapers ready and I was ready to give it a go. My first day driving to work was a learning experience, and I learned the following: First, I could not drink anything within 30-minutes of my departure, second, I could not drive more then 30-minutes without needing a bathroom, and third, I was terrified of traffic jams. All this because my body was not healed yet, sometimes on my way to work, I would have to get off the highway and find me a place in the woods to urinate (like a dog).


September 2002

I visited my doctor and complained that I was urinating 5-times a night 100cc, and that my urine flow has been cut by 60-percent. After an examination he discovered that I had a bladder neck Stricture. So I returned to the hospital for minor surgery, and I was back on another catheter, this catheter was smaller size and a joy to wear in comparison with the first. I worn the Catheter for three weeks, and I was urinating fine again. I went back for my first PSA since the operation.

I was nervous, but not scared. I was hoping for less then .1, and my reading was .2, and I was so disappointed. But then I changed my diet, and continued on with life pondering what next.


October 2002

I asked for another PSA test (30-days after the first) and it was 0.1, this made me very happy because it is going down. These days I drink a lot of tomato juice, Grapefruit ruby red juice, run or walk about 2-miles, three times a week, 20 push-up and 20 sits-ups, and I call it a day, and take a men's multivitamin.

But I'm not a health freak. I just change my way of living by about 30 to 40 percent. My goal is to squeeze out another 50-years of life, but I'll be happy with 20 to 30 years, this would put me at about 63 to 73 (just enough to collect my government social security checks, I would not want to leave earth thinking someone in America is enjoying my social security benefit check).


November 2002

Waiting for my next PSA test, and continuing on this health kick. My goal is to try and prevent my PSA from going up by taking care of myself and hopefully avoiding radiation and other treatments until one of those magic bullets become available.


December 2002

Went for my 6-months PSA test Dec 2002. When I got my results back, I sat for about 20-minutes wondering if I should open the envelope and read the results. Happy to say, I open the envelope, and saw .1 In short, PSA continue to drop.


January 2004

18 months after surgery my PSA is .2 My PSA varies somewhat between .2 and < .1 since the surgery so I'm always concerned about the reading. I'm doing this update in Kuwait, away from my lovely home in Tampa Florida, part of the war on Terrorists. SO you see, life does not stop.

I want to thank this site. Because the people who post provide excellent information, most sites provide very little information and a lot of horror stories and the same old 200,00 men get Prostate cancer per year.... When I get depressed, I always return and read your site.

18-months after surgery, my erections have come back but not like before (before, just standing next to a beautiful women was enough for an erection, today it takes hugs and kisses; something is better then nothing). I can control my urine, but when I'm tired, and bend down to squat, I lose control, but for the most part, I have it under control.

What I have learned during this 18-months: There is a lot of info, some misleading, and some good. Do not be afraid of knowledge because knowledge gives you choices. Doctors are like automobile mechanics, some are good and some are bad. You better know what is wrong with you before he tries to do an engine overhaul. Make sure the trainee isn't doing the engine overhaul.

And finally, the treatments help you extend your life but if you do not stop smoking, drinking, and eating those ribs, you're asking for trouble. Many of the horror stories I read are of people that had heart attacks or other illness that was too much for the body to handle (WHAT THE PROSTATE CELLS WERE WAITING FOR). In short, take care of your body.


January 2005

My last PSA was done 28 Dec 2004 and it is at 0.2. It has been about 2-years and 6 months since my RP, and I continue to check my PSA about every 4 to 5 months, and my PSA is holding steady at 0.2

I think it might be lower then that because this is the same reading I got 90-days after the RP. I think the reason for such a number is based upon the test instrument being used to measure my PSA does not read below 0.2 and I also want to use the same lab.

I have not change my diet too much, I have cut down on meat by 25 percent, I have added alittle more salad to my diet, and I exercise. I have some leakage only when I jog or run, and no leakage when I walk, sit or lay down. I'm not taking any medication nor treatment. I have full erections, it takes a little longer to take them but they are erections, and I use no Viagra. Keep up the excellent work YANA.


April 2006

I'm doing fine. Last Feb 2005 I thought my PSA was going up because it never went to zero after my RP in June 2002 and it averages 0.20 ng/ml and in Feb 2005 it hit 0.30 ng/ml for the first time. I made appointments with my doctors, and got a referral to Moffitt Cancer center in Florida (I only live 5-miles from it).

Without medications, etc…. and after three blood tests within 40-days, my PSA on all three fell to 0.10 ng/ml or less. After six months it was steady at less then 0.10 ng/ml , and one year after my 0.30 ng/ml PSA reading it reads less then 0.10 ng/ml I think that 0.30 ng/ml was a lab error, and now I think I'm getting better PSA reading then before (closer to zero).

If I was not careful, I would have been radiated by one of those doctors, and who knows where my health would be today.


June 2007

I just hit my 5-year mark and my PSA is 0.1 and holding. I'm one happy man. After my RP in June 2002, my PSA never dropped to zero, it would bounce from 0.1 to 0.2, and about two years ago it hit 0.3 for the first time, but dropped 30-days later to 0.1, and has held ever since. I have sought no other treatment, except for exercise three times a week.

I had my RP in a military hospital, and in five years I must have taken 20 PSA test. I believe I'm cured and the readings might be some Prostate tissue left behind from the surgery.


June 2008

Six years and everything is still going good. My PSA never dropped below .1 and averages between .1 and .2 for the past six years, and only one time did it hit .3 about four years ago (lab error). Some people worry about their .003 readings, I'm just happy with my steady .1 or .2 readings.

From my lab tests, it looks like I'm going to die from a heart attack because my Cholesterol is at 239, LDL 150, Triglyceride 198. And Prostate Cancer is the less of my worries. And just to make sure, I'm going to have a steak dinner with my wife of 29-years. That should do wonders for my Cholesterol.


February 2009

I just turn 50 three weeks ago, and made an appointment to Moffit Cancer Center in Florida to discuss my low level Testosterone. I have been averaging a level of about 200 since my operation 7-years ago. I'm concern with losing bone mass, energy, and having heart problems, and I have noticed that my sex appetite is less then it once was. But I'm healthy, and people think I look in my high 30s low 40s. I exercise a lot.

I know I'm playing with fire because of the relationship between testosterone and PC. The good news is that my PSA is still 0.1 after seven years and they consider me cancer free. Moffit also referred me to another Urology that specializes in testosterone supplements to PC patients.

PSA as of today 0.1, three years to reach gold.


January 2010

Another year. I just got my PSA blood test result and it reads 0.10.

I'm very happy, I'm on my 8th year, and only had RP done. My PSA never dropped to zero, but varies between .1 and .2 and only once in eight years did it ever go to .3 This goes to show some of you who worry about going from .001 going to .008, just take it easy.

Good luck everyone. I just have to work on my damn Cholesterol levels. Like I stated last year, it still to high (my levels are 240).

Thank you YANANOW, it is a very important site.


January 2011

I went for my yearly blood test and the results came in at .08, so after nine years, things are good. My only treatment has been RP surgery.


April 2012

This year I'm not getting a PSA test. After ten years of making appointment with the first five years doing twice and sometimes four time per year, to the last five doing it once per year. From now on, I'm doing it once every 2 years. I guess I'm over the anxiety and anticipation that comes with making the appointment and waiting for the results. I was diagnosed at age 42 and I'm 53 now, my last PSA was perform last years. See last year entry. Welcome back Terry.


January 2013

This is another good year. I just had my PSA test read, and it was .09, and I'm happy about that score, and I have been cancer free over 11-years. The road has been ruff because after my RP, my PSA never fell below a .2 and one time within three years after my RP it when to .3, but I stood my grounds. A bit jealous of you guys with the .0001 score, but life goes on. After averaging .2 for almost eight years, I started getting .08 and .09 readings. I'm not an excessive freak, and I sometimes catch myself eating too many pizzas and steaks. These past two years I have been working on cutting down my soda (soft drinks). I'm 54-years old, and I got eight to nine more years to collect social security (USA government pension). By beef is if I worked for 40 years, I better collect my first pension check before cancer gets me. By-the-way, as you can see from my entries, I'm now getting my PSA test done every other year instead of yearly. I figure, why visit the doctor; every time I visit them, they destroy my mood. I had one say 8-years ago, that I still had cancer somewhere in my body, and that was the last time I saw that doctor. My best source of info has been the YANA site. Good luck everyone.


April 2014

12-years later, my PSA is 0.1 and everything is fine with my life. My only treatment was surgery. Of course after the surgery and even now I have urine problems (Pampers), but life is not perfect. My PSA during the first 5 years usually varied between 0.1 and 0.2, and at one time it reach .3 but dropped back down. Since then it has stayed steady at 0.1 (7-years)

Good luck everyone and thanks.


April 2015

Another year and another week of feeling depress waiting for my results are gone. Great news. I had my Prostate removed in 2003, and as of today, my PSA reading is .1 My PSA never when and stood a zero, it parties between .1 and .2 and at one time it reached .3 but that was 8 years ago and then went back down to .1 and .2 reading. I am were happy with my readings, and I'm living proof that a .2 is not a death sentence nor reasons to jump into radiation treatment. Good luck everyone.


August 2016

Hello again, I was just reading my story and read no update since April 2015. I decided to measure my PSA blood test every two years instead of every year. Still healthy, still working. I will let everyone know the results in April 2017. My PSA never went to Zero after my prostate was removed. My PSA average between .1 to ping .2 and one time did it reach .3 before going back down. I think I might have some residual prostate tissue. My testosterone averages between 200 and 400. Even after 14 years, I always hate the period when I wait for my PSA test results, and the joy of opening the paper and seeing the .2 or lower PSA results. Good luck everyone.


March 2017

Another year came and went and my PSA as of today .1 things are going great. Just got to work on my weight, and vitamin D3. It has been 15-years since the removal of my prostate and no other treatment.

Agostini's e-mail address is: joseagostini AT hotmail.com (replace "AT" with "@")