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Hubert Moog and Loretta live in Florida, USA. He was 71 when he was diagnosed in May, 2007. His initial PSA was 4.60 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 6, and he was staged T1a. His choice of treatment was External Beam Radiation (Proton Beam). Here is his story.

I had a TURP (Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate) in 1991 because of weak stream. One well defined cancer cell was found in the 18 chips taken out of the prostate.

My yearly PSA has been in the one's and two's since then until 2004 when it went into the low three's. A few weeks ago in 2007 it had gone up to 4.6 ng/ml.

My urologist did ten biopsies and found two cancer sites and one PIN which is pre-cancerous and may or may not develop into cancer. The bone scan and CT scan showed no cancer anywhere else.

I have consulted with a radiation oncologist at our local cancer institute about several approaches to treatment. I am also in contact with Loma Linda University Medical Center Proton Treatment Center. I am submitted my records to them and if accepted I plan to go there for proton treatment of my prostate cancer. I am very impressed that the proton treatment.


June 2007

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer I started talking to doctors about treatment. From the beginning I wanted proton treatment because of low side effects compared with other treatments. I wondered if I could qualify and be accepted. However,I investigated several possibilities, other than surgery to remove the prostate, as I am not a good candidate due to a history of major blood clots in my left leg and pelvis.

I have known of Loma Linda University Medical Center's proton treatment program since it began in 1990. I checked on the center in Jacksonville, Florida also and learned of several others in the U.S. After checking all of the options available I opted for Loma Linda because of their experience and reputation for excellent results. I applied and have been accepted.

My first two day appointment is July 26, and 27, 2007. At that time they will give a specific date to start treatment. It will probably be 3 - 4 weeks later. I am very positive about the outcome.

I am thrilled to be going there. It is a long way from Florida but I believe it will be worth it.


September 2007

I made the final decision to go to Loma Linda University Medical Center in Loma Linda California. I am very happy that I did.

I have completed 14 of the required 44 treatments. Proton treatment has very little side effects and because of the ability to precisely aim the proton bean and stop it exactly where the cancer is, there is very little good tissue damage.

Taking treatments here is more like a vacation as it takes only 1 and 1/2 minutes for the actual treatment five days a week. Getting in a gown, having a treatment and getting re-dressed takes only about 15 minutes. The rest of the time is free for whatever you want to do and the patient feels fine. We see our doctor weekly for update.

I recommed this treatment for anyone as a first and only choice. It is amazing. The testimonies of those who have finished it are that the PSA is down dramatically and are thrilled that they chose Proton for treatment. Six more weeks and I go home. I feel great. No pain, soreness, weakness, etc.


November 2007

I have been following up with my local doctor for the PSA and DRE.

In April 2008 my PSA was down to 3.0. It was 4.6 when I went to Loma Linda in August 2007. In August 2008 it was 0.6 I will have another in February, 2009.

I am totally pleased with the treatment and the results. No side effects during treatment or since. I really can't tell I was treated other that the PSA results which tell the story.

I highly recommend this treatment.


February 2010

My PSA has continuously dropped since my treatment. I will have another six months check on it in mid-March. I have had no issues with the treatments. No after effects etc. I couldn't tell I was treated if it weren't for the every six months check up. Even during the many weeks of treatment I could not tell I was receiving treatment. It was wonderful and I continue to be happy and thankful for the opportunity to have Proton Radiation instead of the many other treatments that are available. I know of none that are as free of side effects as this.

If you are considering prostate cancer treatments be sure to consider Proton Radiation.


April 2011

I continue to be monitored every 6 months for the PSA and it fell from 4.6 and 4.1 by two different labs in 2007. The PSA has fallen rapidly. The past two years it has been from 0.60 to 0.40.

I am very pleased with the results of the treatment I got at Loma Linda University Medical Center. I recommend it to anyone who needs prostate cancer treatment.


May 2012

My treatment was in 2007. I have absolutely no negatives other than erection is not very strong - could be caused by old age also. I am totally pleased with the results and recommend proton radiation without reservation.


May 2013

The treatment has worked beautifully. I am totally satisfied with Proton Radiation for prostate cancer.


July 2014

I was diagnosed in 2007. I received Proton radiation treatment at Loma Linda a few months later. My PSA began dropping and has stayed down since then. No noticeable side effects and no treatments. I recommend Proton treatment without question.


August 2015

I have had blood in my urine off and on since January, 2015. It is caused by the Proton radiation, according to my urologist. He says it will usually start and stop on it's own. No cancer has been found and no other side effects.


September 2016

The only side effects I have had since my treatment in 2007 is blood in the urine. PSA consistently stays very low. My Urologist says the blood is from the radiation burns and I will have to live with it. My hemoglobin remains normal in spite of the bleeding. I still believe Proton Radiation is a great way to be treated.


November 2017

My treatment was in 2007. No side effects until January, 2015. Blood appeared in the urine. It continued at a low level for two years. In February, 2017 the bleeding increased considerably. My blood count went down too low. My urologist cauterized it and the bleeding stopped 5 months ago. No further issues to date.

Hubert's e-mail address is: hmoog AT juno.com (replace "AT" with "@")