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JC Thomas lives in Virginia, USA. He was 62 when he was diagnosed in November, 2011. His initial PSA was 3.58 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 6, and he was staged T1c. His choice of treatment was Surgery (Robotic Laparoscopic Prostatectomy). Here is his story.

Not much story yet, I had a unexpected diagnosis of cancer after my second biopsy in 10 years. I really didn't think it would be positive.

After due consideration and investigation I have decided on the robotic assisted surgery. My main reason for this was, too many side effects of radiation and wait and see did not seem a option. As of right now that is all I have to share.

I must say so far this has not caused me much worry or sleep loss, and I expect the rest of my treatment to go well.


May 2012

Well lets see, since my last post this is what happened. The surgeon decided that due to my age and the results of my first biopsy we would do a wait and see, with surveillance. This started with another biopsy of 18 samples, just one more pleasant day with med gear up your butt. That was in March, the results came back more on the lets get rid of that sucker side. I now had 11 of 18 cores test positive with the cancer moving from one quadrant to the entire organ. The good news was that the Gleason score remained 3+3 for a 6 and Tc1 stage 2. April 30 had my surgery, rough day and night and was sent home the next noon. I think I could have used one more day in hospital but the paying party thought otherwise. Very uncomfortable at home for first day, did not really have a good idea how to handle the pee bags and tubes, had much abdominal pain, and slight bleeding out of penis. As it turned out the second day really started to get better and by day 3 I was right at home with it all.

I will say if you are doing this then try to stay on a liquid diet and high fiber food only. trying to have a BM with all that pain medication and not being able to bear down was hard. I stayed on the liquid, quit the pain meds on day 3 and did ok. The catheter was due to stay in for 10 day and by day ten I was ready for it to go, I didn't care if I had to use a box of depends every day, that tube up my joint was a constant source of aggravation. Don't get me wrong I knew it had to be there for me to heal and I made it work, but it was a whole new skill set I had to develop.

Today is day 10 and the tube is gone and I am wearing my first pair of depends, I would say it will take me some time (3 to 4 weeks) to get a handle on the pee holding thing, try not to cough or sneeze in public. But at least this is step 2 on the road to semi normality. And the best part is I don't have cancer anymore. (at least until surrounding tissue samples come back from the pathologist, but I'm being positive)


May 2012

Well this is day 4 without the catheter, I am impressed. Needless to say I was really more worried about the incontinence than anything else. First day was a squirt every time I moved, big frown, not looking forward to the first night in bed. To my pleasant surprise, not a drop, I had to get up to go about 4 times. Believe me that was fine with me.

Since the first day it has gotten better every day, still wearing the same depends to bed that I started with. I use about 2 pads during the day. I find that the morning and early afternoon are the best, and that walking gives me the best control. This whole thing might work out. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my surgery, I have virtually no pain. The only thing that still hurts a little is my butt, still not sure why that hurts, still on stool softeners and would advise those going this way to eat lite and really tend to your bowels.

Well that's it for now.


June 2013

Well this past April 29, 2013, was my one year anniversary of radical prostatectomy. (da Vinci robotic) Life is back to my new normal, no urinary incontinence, no erections. They had me try Cialis, the pump, and then Cialis and the pump. Mini me was not having a happy time and still hasn't. I have a good friend who has had the same problem (he opted for open surgery )same problem.

Good news is no cancer. Sure glad my wild and amorous day where behind me.


July 2014

Last up date June 2013, since then not much to add. Still no erections, and only slight incontinence. I have learned the correct positions for heavy lifting. So far PSA undetectable.


August 2015

Well it's been a while, life is pretty good. Since my last update a few things have changed. I still wear a very thin shield pad, just for insurance. As a rule I don't leak except in rare occasions that I am doing hard labor involving lifting and awkward positions.

I have quit taking the ED meds, and every once in a while I wake up with a little stiffy, not the kind it use to be but I was impressed none the less. Orgasms still occur, with no ejaculate, but it's nice to be able to get the old good vibes every once in a while.

Still glad I went the surgery route, have a friend that choose the radiation, his cancer has returned and he is not a happy camper. Another friend opted for the open surgery and has had problems with his butt and incision site. I truly believe that the robotic surgery saved me from collateral damage and hastened my recovery time. I would do it again.

Can't think of anything else to add, just remember it's not the end of the world, just a change in direction.


September 2016

Let's see, last update Aug, 2015. Since then life has been good, no cancer and very little leakage. Erections come more often but as in real life not always when you want them. Still waiting for the mini me to grow back to it's original length. I think that it is what it is. I was reminded that they do cut out a couple of inches of urinary tube, and you guessed it that means that the old ding dong get and remains shorter. Sure glad I'm over the hill, would have liked to had a few more years but hey you can't have everything.

Don't know what else to tell you, it's really nice not having cancer. time to move on. Oh yeah I am well passed my 5 year and they say that is the important mile stone. So keep positive and stay strong, what ever doesn't kill you makes you smarter and stronger, so I must be a epic genius.


October 2017

Well it's been about a year since my last update. Not much has changed, my penis is still shorter than it was pre-surgery, I do get some erections but they are not much use in the sex department. Leakage is a very minor problem and I usually know what to do to avoid it. Last PSA was 0.01 or undetectable, so it would seem that I am cancer free at this time.

I don't remember if I mentioned that this aggressive and rapid growing cancer in my since removed prostate was attributed to agent orange.

Not much else to relate life is good I am closing in on 69 years of age, been married for almost 40 years so the sex thing is of no real consequence.

JC's e-mail address is: 1r40x1 AT gmail.com (replace "AT" with "@")