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Ben Parrott and Linda live in California, USA. He was 65 when he was diagnosed in June, 2009. His initial PSA was 4.70 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 6, and he was staged T2a. His choice of treatment was Brachytherapy (Seed Implant). Here is his story.



Last year my PSA was 1.5 and this year it was 4.7. My family doctor felt something unusual on my prostate and therefore sent me to a urologist and he recommended a biopsy which was positive on both sides of the prostate. The pathologist found that five of six samples were positive on one side and one out of six on the other. He of course recommended surgery but I needed more information. I was referred to a radiologist oncologist who recommended Brachytherapy. This surprised me as this doctor only did the external radiation. On the 5th of August I will attend a class on the Brachytherapy treatment and after that class I will see a doctor who performs the treatment.

I am on a waiting list for thesecondopinion which is a group of doctors that will, free of charge, after reviewing my pathology and my history, determine what course of action I should take. I will receive a written report and findings as to what course that they deem appropriate for my situation.

Later: OK! Today August 17, 2009 after visiting with my radiation urologist and passing their Volume Study, I have decided to choose the Brachytherapy as my treatment of choice.

This comes after weeks of investigation from you folks, Doctors, the internet and other people with Prostate Cancer. Surgery was my first choice as my brother has had this surgery and is doing fine. However, my brother had his surgery ten years ago and things have changed. Surgery is extremely invasive with the probability of complication much greater than radiation. The cure rates for surgery, brachy and external radiation appear to be equal. The side effects are less equal as a percentage.

I have chosen brachy due to the cure rate, least side effects, recovery time and convenience of treatment. External radiation as I was told is almost equal in all areas except the inconvenience of having to have the radiation over a period of six to eight weeks five days a week with some other side effects at the end of treatment.

So next week I will have some lab work done along with an EKG. Then on Monday the 31st of August I will receive a pre op exam. On Tuesday the 8th of September I will have the Brachytherapy treatment.

I hope to return to this site with an update sometime after the treatment.

Do your research fellas - there is no one treatment for all. But to all a good day - no a great day.


September 2009

Well, I had my seed implant yesterday (September 9, 2009) [72 seeds] and all went well. I came home without a catheter that was a blessing. Some burning on unination but not all that bad, yet. Next appointment is on the 12th of October for a CT scan and a PSA test. I will post an udate after my October appointment.



November 2009

Hello friends, I had a CT scan two weeks (Oct. 12th) ago and the seeds are in place and working. I have not passed any seeds. My urinary stream is slow and the volume is less than before the treatment but it is controllable with little or no pain.

I seem to be as potent as before but I still wonder what the months ahead will bring. My first PSA test will be in December and I will update you then.


January 2010

Sorry for not updating my story sooner.

My three month PSA test came back at 1.4 but my original PSA was low so my doctor said my drop would be subtle.

I still have control in all areas but I do experience an urgency most of the time. I do get up four of five times a night. I seem to have less energy not sure why but I am taking Terazosin 5 or 6 times a day for urine control and or to keep things flowing.

I also am taking four stool softener a day,after passing what felt like razor blades I chose the softer way.

Other than the drop in energy, I am 66, I feel fine with no pain. It seems as though I should be doing something else for my cancer but now it is wait and see. I have not changed much in my diet but I should, and perhaps I will perhaps not.


March 2010

Well, here I am 6 months after my Brachy treatment with my latest PSA test coming back today (March 4, 2010) at 1.10. I must say that this pleases me as any downward movement is good.

I must have missled you in my previous update as to my bowel and urine problems. Yes, my stool remains hard but under control and my urine is slow and with a feeling of urgency but this also is under control. I also feel less energetic than I did prior to the treatment. I am getting up only once or twice a night and sometimes not at all to urinate. So my progress is improving and the choice I made seems to have been the correct one FOR ME.

My erections are not as hard nor do they last as long but nevertheless I do have them.

For those of you reading this and wondering about which treatment that you should undertake, I cannot tell you. You must explore all your options and talk with people like us and your doctors and come to a conclusion that will work best for your individual situation. Good luck in finding the best treatment for you.

My next PSA test will be in September and I will report back at that time.


February 2011

Hello friends, well, I have been away from Yana way too long and I apologize for that.

Anyway it was a year in September 2010 that I had brachy treatment and it was for me the best choice. After the intial frequent urination with some pain attached, I no longer have any problems that are related to my therapy. [Ben's PSA is 0.90 ng/ml]

My doctor ordered an MRI for my back as I have some pain issues in that area unrelated to the seed implants. Anyway the doc also order an MRI for my prostate at the same time. The result on the prostate MRI were negative for cancer outside the prostate. Great news. This was in October 2010 and I am not scheduled to receive a PSA test until September of 2011. I will get back to you after September 2011.

Good Luck All of You



May 2012

Sorry about this late update but here goes. It has been nearly three years since my Brachytherapy and I am pleased with the results. I investigated several options and talked with many people pryor to choosing Brachy. But here I am almost three years later and last week my PSA was .6. Before my last test my result were .3 and .5. My PSA has risen somewhat but at this piont all seems to be normal. Back at you in good time.



June 2013

My PSA has remained below 1 for several years now. My last PSA was .7. I was told that I might expect a spike after 5 years but so far, thank God, no spike. I live a normal life, if there is such a thing, for a 69 year old man. I have my problems but not related to my prostate. Each one must make his own choice as to treatment and each should take his time in doing so. It is difficult to find an impartial Doctor so do your homework.

I have shared my story with you all before and I have nothing new to add except the new proton treatment seems to be another way to go if your insurance will pay the bill. "I" still would choose the seed implants mainly because of the in and out part of the treatment. The proton treatment takes weeks and only a few hospitals are qualified to offer this option.

All for now will return as needed.

Good Luck and God Bless



October 2016

It has been a while since my last report. Today there is good news and that means that I have not had a relapse and that I am pleased with my choice of treatment but everyone is different so read all the stories and decide for yourself what treatment it best for you.

Ben's e-mail address is: benbird20 AT aol.com (replace "AT" with "@")

NOTE: Ben has not updated his story for more than 15 months, so you may not receive any response from him.