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Lloyd L lives in Washington, USA. He was 61 when he was diagnosed in May, 2005. His initial PSA was 1.40 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 6, and he was staged T2b. His choice of treatment was Non-Invasive (Active Surveillance). Here is his story.

DRE during physical earlier this year by family doctor indicated a hard spot on one side, recommended to get a biopsy by urologist in May, which found Gleason of 3+3=6, adenocarcinoma in both prostatic lobes. There was a 1 mm focus in one of four cores in the left lobe, and a 1.5 mm focus in one of four cores on the right. PSA was 1.4 and gland is 18.2 gms in size.. Staged at T2b PCa.

Options were Radical Prostatectomy, radiation therapy by external beam or seed implant, cyrotherapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy as well as watchful waiting.

I went to another urologist in the Seattle area who is supposed to be the first in the area to utilize the Da Vinci Robotic, talked about the surgery with the Robotic and watchful waiting. So for the time being, I haven't made the commitment for surgery yet but will probably do so.

I am inclined to do some watchful waiting with my low PSA and relatively small carcinomas.

Would like to hear from anyone with experience or knowledge of someone's experience getting the Robotic surgery in the Seattle area.


October 2006

Lloyd's PSA is 2.0 ng/ml. Here is his update:

Currently happy that I did not go through with any of the doctor recommended treatments.

I am watching my diet real close with a minimum of red meats and animal fats and processed foods. taking vitamins, saw palmetto, fish oil, pomegranate juice, was taking a concentrated soy bean extract for while, exercising, walk a couple miles or more, most days, which I have done for years. Cut way down on the hard liquor, drink red wine at evening meal time along with a fresh salad most days.

I really appreciate all the info I have gleaned off of this website, it definitely saved me from a big mistake with unnecessary doctor recommended surgery/ treatment, with some very negative possible side effects.

Regards Lloyd


December 2007

November 2007, still continuing with the careful diet and exercise as described last year.

Two PSA tests over the last year indicated a sight rise to 2.1 ng/ml and 2.3 ng/ml.

Visit with a different specialist, recommended I do another biopsy which I refused, I plan to continue with WW until I see at least a 4.0 ng/ml on the PSA, or have other symptoms.

Regards LL Seattle


January 2009

Had two more PSA tests earlier last year, 2008, both in the range of 2.2 I figured I was doing pretty good, so I kind of fell away from my healthy diet, more red meat, fast food etc. not much pomegranate juice, missed a lot of saw palmetto supplements, didn't take my vitamins or saw palmetto's for over a month just before last PSA test this Jan 2009 - plenty of red wine though.

DRE was normal, however PSA test, came back at 3.2. Current family doctor really alarmed about a 50% increase - recommending that I go back to Uro doc. I already know first thing he will want is another biopsy, so I have an appointment in late April.

However I am going back on a more stringent diet, lots of broccoli and tomatoes, taking vitamins and saw palmettos, going to get another PSA in April, right before I go back to Uro doc, and if PSA is coming back down, I will cancel the Uro doc, hopefully.


July 2010

Not much to add, got another PSA check Nov 2009, from a volunteer public survey done by Seattle Prostate Institute, not from regular doc, came back at 3.4. As far as I am concerned that is just fine, my regular doc would probably want me to do a needle biopsy, which I am not going to do unless PSA is >4.0 and I can't bring it down with diet.

Other than that, I am a little pissed at all the consternation they put me thru back in 2004, the unnecessary biopsy, damage and possible contamination from reused sanitary needles, my crotch still itches sometimes from where they inserted needles. Only good thing is it probably made me clean up my diet to the healthy side.

Special thanks to the people running this website, all info very much appreciated.


January 2012

Quick update.

I am more glad than ever that I did not opt for the recommended surgery or seeds and follow on treatment, radiation etc.

Although PSA about 3 months was elevated up to 4.2, I think it was from not following a good diet, not taking the saw palmetto regularly, and generally not watching my overall health. My present doctor was "very concerned" about rate of increase and wanted me to go to specialist again, but the first thing he will want is another biopsy which I really am not up for.

So I am rolling the dice and taking my chances, I'll get another PSA when I get a chance, but as for now, I think I should be pissed at the doctors who wanted to perform their "treatment" and get me on their treadmill. They have caused me a lot unnecessary mental turmoil. Thinking about how I probably would be wearing a diaper like my neighbor who had the surgery.

Best Regards

Lloyd Lytle


July 2012

No current update, planning to retest PSA next month.


August 2013

PSA jumped up to 7.09 when tested in May 2013, had it rechecked about a month later and it dropped down to 6.93. Still too high, been taking extra saw palmetto's and being more careful with diet, still drinking my red wine in the evenings. Will get another PSA check and hope it is going back down.

Had my GP Dr. do a DRE, said it felt normal.

Not quite sure what to do, but sure don't feel like messing with another biopsy, might just let the chips fall where they may. 69 years old.


October 2014

Fell away from my strict diet of minimal red meat, minimal alcohol, and abundant amounts of fruit and vegetables. Also was stressed out from my wife passing away from pancreatic cancer. PSA went up to around 10 and then up to 15. Got back on the strict diet and lower stress and last PSA (Sept 2014) was 7.6, so feeling much better about that. Still glad I did not go through with the Dr. recommended surgery and treatments.


December 2015

First of all, a big thank-you to the site administrators, past and present, for maintaining this site and the invaluable information it provides.

I am still on watchful waiting even though my PSA has been up around 10 for the last year.

I am almost 72, except for high blood pressure and this prostate issue, am in pretty good health, drink a little excess red wine with my evening meal, the cheap CostCo stuff.

Not as strict on my diet, red meat etc. as I was for a while after I was diagnosed.

Still darn glad I did not go through with Dr. recommended treatment.


February 2017

Still bumping along with the watchful waiting, getting PSA checks every 3-6 months, it has been varying around 10-11. Probably pushing my luck, at my age almost 73, not going to do anything drastic unless PSA goes way up or something else changes.

Lloyd's e-mail address is: lloydlytle37 AT msn.com (replace "AT" with "@")