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Mike Dr and Christina live in Michigan, USA. He was 51 when he was diagnosed in October, 2010. His initial PSA was 3.60 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 6, and he was staged T2a. His choice of treatment was Surgery (Robotic Laparoscopic Prostatectomy). Here is his story.

I'm a physically fit 51 year old white male, I train/work out 4-5 times a week, have a good diet, take many supplements, no other medical issues, no allergies, no erectile or incontinence issues, digital rectal exam was normal, non-smoker and have an occasional drink.

I do annual physical exams. PSA from last year, 2.9, increased in one year to 3.6. Physician recommended Urology consult. Urologist felt prostate was slightly asymmetrical, recommended transrectal ultrasound and prostate biopsies.

One of 12 biopsies came back positive, only 5% of core, adenocarcinoma, with a Gleason score of 3+3=6. Now came the education over the last 2 weeks. Surgeons like surgery, Radiation Oncologist like radiation. I am not an active surveillance type of person. [An important point about prostate cancer that is often misunderstood by those considering their options is that everyone gets to do some form of active surveillance in the end. No matter what the choice of treatment is, there will be scheduled PSA and physical examinations after treatment looking for potential treatment failure.]

Still having consults at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Karmanos in Detroit and William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak.

Glad I have options but haven't made a final decision on treatment modality. Wow, this sure does make you think about life. I'll add more as we progress!


February 2011

My wife and I completed nine different consultations. First choice was HDR (High Dosage Radiation) temporary bead placement. But, after more consultations, decided that a prostatectomy would be a better decision. In total, we had two Urologists tell us to do nothing, watch and wait, we had two other Urologists tell us that radiation would be the best choice for my lesion. The remaining five Urologists stated that this lesion is probably isolated, small chances of passing out of the prostate, that I was only 51, and that removal would be the best choice. That keeps your brain spinning.

We completed a Da Vinci Robotic Prostatectomy on December 23, 2010 at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak Michigan. The Urologist was Dr. Sugandh Shetty. Pain control after surgery was pretty poor, only offered Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Narcotics were finally obtained for proper pain control. Then, bladder spasms kicked in, solved that too! I have used Beaumont hospital my whole life this was the worst experience and quality of care ever! After complaints, the second night was heaven! Sad!!!

Went home with a catheter on Christmas Day! I was happy to have it removed on the 30th of December, one week after surgery! That was easier than I thought! I did go home with a Stylin sexy diaper on and urinary control was on and off. Within a few days, urinary control had significantly improved! All the Kegel exercises have helped! Unfortunately ,the urinary, bladder and kidney infection from he'll kicked in! Cipro was the drug of choice and quickly brought that under control. Luckily, my cancer was in the apex of the prostate, the margins were clear. The seminal vesicles were clear as were the lymph nodes! Amen!!! Gleason score was still a 6 after the biopsy.

Now, about five weeks post op, I feel great. Urinary control is getting better. One small maxi pad will get me thru the whole day and sometimes the night too! I have been going to the gym four times a week, using very light 5 lb weights, to stretch and do my normal routine, just with light weights and lots of reps! Awesome!!! been walking a lot too! Even right after surgery, start walking as soon as possible, that will help with the gas too! Stay on the stool softeners for about 2-3 weeks afte surgery and you'll heal just fine! Keep you food intake light, lo fat, no spicy stuff, no alcohol either!

Erections are about 30 to 40% at this time. 20mg of Cialis have helped. 100 mg of Viagra seem to work better. Glad my wife was involved with all the consults. We all knew what to expect and how to work past these challenges. Dry orgasms are weird but fulfilling!

First new post surgical PSA will be in about two weeks. You still think about it but it doesn't devour me everyday anymore!!! I' ll get back in a few weeks! Thank God for this website, all the great info and people involved! Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!


January 2012

I'm one year post robotic prostate removal.

Incontinence is 100% gone, was pretty good about 8 weeks after surgery. I recommend the Kegels that are discussed, do them before surgery and continue on after surgery.

As far as ED, I 'm about 60-70 percent. Still using VED for strong erection and also Viagra and Cialis. Mixed response with drugs. Alcohol ruin all ED drug effectiveness.

PSA has been pretty consistent, below .04, tested every 90 days. Had one at .08 but the phlebotomist blew out the vein, messed up results, was .08, redo was .04.

I pray the ED gets better but my peace with myself knowing that the cancer, you pray, is gone, I feel great, mentally and physically. I do have a small hernia to be repaired in Feb. It's from the site where the prostate was removed, by the umbilicus, slight lateral. Outpatient procedure.

I still read all possible on prostate treatments. I'm one year cancer free at this point. Keep the faith brothers, we can win this battle!!!!!


April 2012

My surgery was 16 months ago. We have been checking my PSA every 3 months, which luckily has been undetectable, and have now been placed on a six month checkup. Unfortunately about 2 months ago I did have a repair done to a ventral hernia, from where the prostate was removed. Personally, on a scale of one to ten, the prostatectomy was a ten, this hernia repair was a one.

I feel great, incontinence again has been gone for 14 months, erections are about 80% and I respond well to both Viagra and Cialis. My VED is not needed for intercourse but I still use it roughly 2 times week to make sure blood fills the penis. Hopefully erections will continue to improve! Research does indicate up to 24 months for proper healing and function. Keep working out, watch your diet, supplements/vitamins and keep the faith!


June 2013

I'm currently 2-1/2 years cancer free. My next Urology exam is in about a week. The last one was about 8 months ago and my PSA was negligible. I admit you still think a lot about prostate cancer when that exam gets close! You have to just keep the faith, stay the course, and do your routine check ups! Again as I have preached before, early detection rules and gives you the best chance of a quality survival!

My slight ED has improved some and I'm probably at the 90% mark. The VED has been put away at this time and I have cut my Viagra usage 50%. I will recommend again that you wife or significant other needs to be part of the whole process. This was so important and one of the great points I picked up from this awesome site!!! My wife truly understood what I was going through, mentally and physical. She was there for support 100%. She has been a great sport helping me get through the initial incontinence and ED issues. She has helped me get back to that 90% mark compared to before surgery erections. I can't imagine not having a loving partner and stabile support base to get through this life challenge. I will forever be indebted to her for kindness, sensitivity and understanding. Chris, I love you more than you'll ever know!!

Don't be scared and confused, use this site to educate and conquer! We are all here to help our brothers!


August 2014

Amazing, it's been almost 4 years since my initial diagnosis. I just had another post surgical check up. These appointments always make you think about life again but you still have to keep the faith. My Urologist gave me a one year reprieve this time till my next appointment. PSA is still O. Amen!!! ED is slight and I still utilize half tabs of Viagra as needed. I stress the importance of continued follow ups. Again, early detection is always the key and offers you the best options for survival.

I'm still totally convinced that my robotic prostatectomy was my best option, for my individual case. The YANA site was one of my best informative educating sites and I have passed their website information on over a dozen times. I still read peoples stories and keep the education going! I have a lot of respect for my fellow YANA brothers!!!!

Again, upon that first diagnosis and hearing the word cancer, you panic. Then you accept the facts, get angry and its time to start your mission. This site can help with the education needed to give you the proper information for your specific battle. You can kick cancer's ass! You need faith, hope and love. Involve your spouse, family, friends and loved ones. You will need that support. Have a healthy lifestyle. Be smart and respect your body.

My thoughts and prays go out to my YANA brothers and developers! Again, this site is what I consider the bible of unlimited information about prostate cancer, treatments, issues, side effects, etc... Sincerely Submitted, Dr. Mike


September 2015

Another year has passed and with this annual checkup and blood work, you start to think a little different. You have to have faith!,,, my PSA was undetectable. I'm coming up to my 5 year anniversary of being cancer free. Again, I decided on the robotic prostatectomy in the fall of 2010 because I felt it was the right procedure for my cancer. I knew my cancer was localized, very small and detected on a yearly check up! My only side effect is a slight ED. I can still have a fabulous relationship with my wife, and at times, we do not even need the half tab of a 100 mg, Viagra. I always express the importance of your wife going thru the entire process, the exams, the consultation, the decisions of either surgery or radiation. My wife was behind me thru everything. That's really important right after your surgery, when bodily functions and erections are all messed up. My peace of mind, and also for my wife, was knowing that they removed my cancer, and we were willing to work thru any of the side effects. If I had to make this decision again, I would do the exact same thing.

This site, in my first contacts with Terry, God Bless Him, was my saving Grace. The information was priceless, unedited, and kept me from going crazy. I learned so much from our YANA Brother's! I'm forever indebted to these YANA Brother's and their stories! This was a major part of my education, helping me decide on which treatment was meant for me!

I'm always available for questions. New techniques seem to always develop so I'm always open about learning more! Power of Prayer, Faith, Hope and Love! This will kick cancer's butt!


October 2016

It's almost 6 years of being cancer free!!!! ED is very minimal, rarely use Viagra, I hate how it makes me feel. I can still have a great sexual and intimate relationship with my wife without any Meds. I just had my yearly check up with the urologist and PSA was undetectable. Thank you Lord!!! I'm one of the lucky ones!! Do your yearly check ups! Educate your friends!!! Early detection is the secret!!!!!! You do not have to do this alone!!! Keep the faith and beliefs!!!!! Yananow rules!!! What a great source to educate us all !!!


November 2017

Hard to believe it's been almost 7 years, cancer free! The Lord has been good to me! My robotic prostatectomy was the right choice for me. I have slight ED but rarely use Viagra, probably 80-90% without Viagra. Most important issue is to involve your wife, family and loved ones, in the whole process, from diagnosis, in deciding which treatment is the best for you, thru this treatment and after! My wife and family have lived thru this entire journey with me! God Bless them! Contact me any time. This site was the greatest resource out there! God Bless Terry for his courage in this battle! Keep the faith, be strong, kick some cancer butt my Yananow Brothers!

Mike's e-mail address is: kabodontics AT aol.com (replace "AT" with "@")