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Bill Pritchard and Chris live in England. He was 44 when he was diagnosed in January, 2004. His initial PSA was 5.30 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 4, and he was staged T1c. His choice of treatment was Surgery (Retropubic Prostatectomy). Here is his story.

I was going to the toilet 2 or 3 times throughout the night. This went on for over a year. With my age I didn't think about Prostate cancer, too much tea / coffee!

I had a routine blood test end June 03, I mentioned my frequency at night and the doctor performed a DRE. He didn't think there was a problem as it was smooth. However, the blood test showed a PSA of 3.8 ng/ml.

My doctor referred me to the hospital. A non-urgent appointment came back, for 20 weeks. At the hospital, mid November, the consultant performed a DRE and further blood test. The result was a PSA of 5.3 ng/ml. A biopsy was scheduled for 15 December. 12 cores were taken.

I was advised on 5 January 04 I had cancer, T1c, Gleason 2+2. One core showed abnormal cells, just 10% of that core. I was given bonescan on 13 January and MRI scan on 19 January. On 16 February 2004, I had a further PSA which indicated 7.5 ng/ml, although we do not know how reliable this is after the biopsy.

I had to make a decision and went for surgery, this took place on the 9th March, with catheter removed 28 March. Histology report indicated T2b, 0.5mm margin but with some perineural infiltration (although still confined?), all this is from memory as they won't give you a copy of the report!

Anyway, I am booked in for my first PSA test post op, middle of June and seeing my consultant early July for the results.

Fingers crossed, best wishes to all.


July 2004

Good news! just had the results (2nd July 04) of my first PSA test after surgery, with the reading being <0.01. Fingers crossed for the next one in early November.

Since my operation, things have been up & down. I was always 'fit' and probably pushed myself a little hard, so at times I felt great, other days I felt tired / weak. Not been too bad lately, got back into my long walks (hobby) and just completed a 25 mile (40km), with plenty of ascent, so well pleased.

Continence has been good, few dribbles (until over-excitement in the pub watching the England {soccer} matches!), got to keep doing the exercises.


November 2004

2nd PSA result (5 Nov 04) after my op., with another good result <0.01.

I've been feeling OK and have continued to try to regain my old fitness. Again, little 'ups and downs', but generally I feel fine, apart from the run up to getting the results, nervous time. I read somewhere about your diet and how certain foods can supress the growth of the cancer if it's still present, so for 'belt & braces' mentality, I decided to generally cut out dairy products, whilst including more of others recommended (have a look on the internet).

I've been very fortunate up to now, hope things continue. Good luck to everyone else, Bill.


April 2005

3rd PSA result (1 Apr 05) after my op., good result <0.05.

I'm assured by my consultant that the method of PSA testing now used by our health authority is different to my two previous tests and that 0.05 is the minimum value that could be registered (previous two tests were <0.01, I initially thought it had increased!).

Things have continued to go well. Erections are 'virtually' back to what they were. Very few dribbles, I even got though a couple of England soccer matches in the pub without problems. I still find it difficult to complete the pelvic muscle exercises as regular as I know I should, but it seems to be OK, so far.

Health wise I'm still improving. As I've mentioned above, one hobby is my walking. Each weekend out and about, leaving the wife at home (she doesn't want to go!). Last week we completed a walk (46 miles) that I also did last August. Then it was only 5 months after the operation and I was totally shattered, it made me very tired for a week and not the right thing to do at the time. Anyway, last week was no problem. End of May I am attempting our 100 mile (160km) walk +12,000ft ascent. Last time, 2003, it took 36 hours, I just want to finish this time.

Next PSA test is September, fingers crossed. Best wishes to all.


September 2005

Hi All!

September 2 - had my latest PSA test results and fortunately, it is still undetectable, reading <0.05. Have my next set of tests late December, seeing my consultant 6 January 06 for next set of results.

I asked my consultant do we ever get an 'all clear' from PC? I was advised no, not really, but if you get to 3 years and it's still undetectable it's a good guide that everything is OK. So, only 18 months to go!

Generally I've been in good health. My kidney's have been a bit sore (aching) at times, normally disappears if I drink water. Every since my operation, I've always drank loads of water, I feel constantly thirsty. My consultant tested for diabetes, this not being a problem though. However, she's decided to give me a kidney scan in the next couple of weeks are so, just to make sure nothing wrong there (good old national health service!). Hopefully all will be well.

More important matters. England (soccer) won yesterday, one more step to the World Cup finals. I missed it though, out walking again. Regarding my last posting, I completed the 100 miles walk in May (34hrs43min) first '100' I've complete after my operation. Event is only held once a year in May and the time before the op was 34hrs 59min, so I was well pleased with our efforts.

Not much else to say, just best wishes to all out there, Bill and Christine.


March 2006

Dear All,

I've continued with an "undetectable" PSA result, fortunately. It's still a worry when I go to see the consultant for the results.

It's now 9th March and I'm a little late posting this result (computer problems!).

Anyway, tomorrow will be two years since my operation. It now seems a long, long time ago. Hope things continue as they have been,

Best wishes to all,



June 2007

Dear All,

Just got my most recent results (1st June) and the PSA is still undetectable (<0.05) and other tests, liver, kidneys, etc., are all OK.

Really pleased again, of course. Over 3 years now from my operation and things are still going well with my health.

Finished another '100' miler last weekend, fewer blisters than previous years but I was tired all week, I must be getting old!

Best wishes to all, Bill


August 2008

Nothing much has happened since my last post. I have just had a blood test (last week) and I have got to a stage now where my consultant does not need to see me directly. I will be getting a phone call from one of the oncology nurses on the 26 August advising meet of my PSA test results, hopefully it will be 'zero' again (undetectable). I will inform you of my results on receipt.

I have been well in myself, no health problems, fingers crossed.


October 2008

I had received my latest test results on 26 August and thankfully, the PSA remains undetectable. It was the first time that for my results, I had not had to go to the hospital and see my consultant directly and I got the results by telephone from my oncologist. It must save money for our health service to do it this way and free up appointments for others, who have had more recent diagnosis. It was still daunting, wondering what they could say.

Overall I'm still feeling OK, no health problems and still keeping up my fitness, mixed with a few trips to the pub!

Good luck & fingers crossed to everyone,



March 2010

1st March 2010. Just had a telephone call from the hospital to say that my latest PSA reading was less than 0.05, which means undetectable which is good. I have a couple of other blood tests, kidney / liver function, which are all OK as well.

I no longer need to go to the hospital as an out-patient, I go to the local doctors for the blood test and then get a phone call a week later, more convenient, I don't have to leave my work desk! Generally a good way of getting my results, whilst they remain OK, don't know whether I would like to hear any bad news over the phone though.

Generally health is fine, best wishes to all,



March 2011

Hi, just had another PSA result (mid March)and it is less than 0.05, this being the minimum the test can register, so hopefully it is zero. I have a kidney function and liver test, both of which are within the acceptable limits.

I have not been having any erection or incontinence problems, I do have the occasional 'dribble', particularly when finishing urinating but I have been very fortunate overall.

Still working for a living, still walking a lot, just watching England (football) at the moment, I don't know why after the World Cup debacle but hope springs eternal.

Best wishes to all, hope things as well as they can for you, Bill.


April 2012

April 2012 - Hi all, It's been a long time since my last post but I now only have a PSA once a year (was every 6 months) so I assume the doctors are more confident that the PC will not return. I had a test last month and the PSA was undetectable thankfully. Nothing much has changed, still have a few 'dribbles' sometimes, mainly when finishing urinating (nearly said 'wee', as we would say, but have to think of the possible global audience!). My fault really, never do the exercises for strengthening the muscles at the bladder, always say I will start when it gets worse.

Was watching TV this morning, there was a local hospital that had been using ultrasound to remove the cancer (sorry for the basics, will have to read up on it), anyway, the patient was discharged the same day and they were saying there were no / very little side effects. Just shows how technology is progressing. [This was a very odd media release about HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) as if it had only just been discovered. A number of men who chose this therapy have told their stories. Some results are good, some are not]

I was pleased 8 years ago to have the radical surgery even though I was off work for a couple of months and missed my walking / exercising.

Hope all goes well for everyone, best wishes, Bill.


May 2013

Hi, just received an undetectable PSA 'score' from my last blood test which is good. As mentioned previously, I only have them once a year now and I get a quick phone call from a nurse advising me of the PSA result and any other test I have (kidney / liver function), again they are also OK.

I'm obviously a little bit older than when I first had my operation and getting to that age group more at risk from PC and prostate problems and I am now hearing more cases of friends, workmates, acquaintances, etc., who have had problems or been for tests. Two have been diagnosed with cancer. Many of them have had good news and thankfully they seem to be OK.

I am not doing much different than I have ever done. I try to keep healthy, it gets harder, but fel I am maintaining a reasonable fitness, pity is, the knees are going, too much football (soccer) when I was younger.

Best wishes to all, Bill.


June 2014

Hi all, it has been a long time coming but the consultants have eventually said that I do not need to have any more blood tests or contact with them (unless I think there's a problem). My last blood test was in April 2014 and was 'undetectable' so after 10 years they must feel it's all clear, never to return. It has been a long road, the last few years have been easier as I have had continual zero PSA readings so I just got on with life. Many people maybe just starting out on their journey and I wish you good luck. Don't forget, you always have hope and the skills and abilities of your consultants and loved ones to get you through it. Thanks to everyone at Yana, you were there from the start and gave me hope when I was at my lowest, all the best, Bill.


July 2015

Hi all, my posts on the site are getting fewer with time and I apologise if it seems a little lazy, but not much happens these days to tell you about. Fortunately, I do not seem to have any PC related problems, which is a relief, I don't even have to go for PSA blood tests anymore, although the doctors had said if I wanted them just turn up. Life is good at the moment, I try to keep fit and still doing a lot of walking (long distance) and cycling, especially whilst the sun is shining and le tour de France is inspiring me to do a few extra miles. I always think that I have been very privileged, probably I was diagnosed early although I appreciate there are many others who are not as fortunate and my thoughts are always with them. No matter at what stage of the illness you are at, always keep positive. Treatments are getting better results than ever and in the UK more people are becoming aware of the illness and hopefully men, old and young, will be more aware. Don't forget I was only 44 and there are younger ones. Anyway, best wishes for the future and I'll probably 'speak' to you next year!


September 2016

Hi all, sorry I have not made an entry for a long time but I have not had any change in my condition. As previously advised, I no longer have any blood tests, my PSA had been undetectable for many years and I assume they feel it will remain that way. I can hardly remember the worry when I was diagnosed and had my operation, about 13 years now and just getting on with the rest of my life. I am still working for a living, doing more cycling & gym and less of the long distance walking I used to do but overall still maintaining a good fitness level. Still have occasional 'dribbles' when I drink too much (alcohol!) but can't complain. I obviously appreciate I am lucky and wish you all the best, Bill.


October 2017

Hi All, another year has passed and I'm sorry that I have not updated my story sooner, but there has not been a lot happening regarding my PC. As mentioned previously, the NHS in the UK do not want to see me anymore, not a personal thing! After 10 years, with no change to an 'undetectable' PSA, they take the view that all is OK and thankfully I have not had any problems. It has been 14 years now since my operation, I am fortunate that I am not on any medication or any treatment. My best wishes go with you all, Bill.

Bill's e-mail address is: bill.chris AT ntlworld.com (replace "AT" with "@")