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Steve Taylor lives in Thailand. He was 61 when he was diagnosed in June, 2007. His initial PSA was 19.80 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 6, and he was staged T1c. His choice of treatment was ADT-Androgen Deprivation (Hormone). Here is his story.

Diagnosed: June 2007. Aged 61. PSA 19.6. DRE negative.
Biopsy: June 2007; 2 cores of 18 positive.
MRI and Bone Scan: Negative.
Pathology: 5% of 1 core, "Small focus" in another core positive.
Gleason 3 + 3 = 6.
Clinical: PCa considered confined to prostate. Stage T1c.

Treatment: I was offered RP (Radical Prostatectomy) and then High Dose Brachytherapy but I was not convinced about the survival benefits of either after educating myself about PCa.I was intrigued by the long term survival results by Dr Bob Liebowitz and Dr Steven Tucker for "Intermittent Triple Androgen Blockade Therapy (TAB)" and after consulting Dr Tucker in Singapore in July 2007 decided on a course of TAB for one year using Zoladex, Casodex 150 mg/day, Avodart 0.5 mg/day. I switched to generic Casodex and Avodart after three months.

Although not a cure for PCa I hope TAB will contain the disease for many years and hopefully in the meantime some new treatments will be developed.

Start PSA 19.2 (July 2007).
Current Status: PSA 0.018 (June 2008) - PSA nadir.

So far so good. I start 3-monthly PSA checks after 23 July 2008.



July 2008

I completed the 1-year of Intermittent Androgen Blockade Therapy on 22 July 2008, and will now continue with Avodart alone for "maintenance" and monitor the PSA every 3-months.

The reason for this post is that I would like to follow alternative natural remedies for managing the PCa, and would be interested in hearing from others with a similar approach. I am trying to follow the BUDWIG PROTOCOL (flax seed oil + cottage cheese, etc), [What Steve is referring to here is part of the BUDWIG PROTOCOL which, as this link states is more complex than merely combining cottage cheese and linseed oil. As a matter of interest, Dr. Budwig's diet requires QUARK, not cottage cheese, which is different. You will see, if you link to the page above that there is a reference to CLIFFIE BECKWORTH'S "cure". Cliffie was part of an on line group that I joined for some years and I have no doubt that he was a perfectly decent man and that he believed in what he said, but he was somewhat vague as to the details of his "Advanced Prostate Cancer" and whether he had ADT (Androgen Deprivation Therapy) as well as the cottage cheese and linseed oil. It appeared that he had some form of intermittent hormone therapy] plus a mainly VEGETARIAN DIET with no sugar, trans-fats, processed food. I also have a couple of glasses of VEGETABLE/FRUIT JUICE daily. I checked the drinking water I use and found it slightly acidic, so have changed to more ALKALINE bottled water and ionized water. I do moderate walking EXERCISE daily.

At present I am not big on supplements but might consider them in future. I'm taking a MULTI-VITAMIN plus additional VITAMIN D3 (I previously had my VITAMIN D3 level checked and it was on the low side)+ SAW PALMETTO (I have BPH) + ASHITABA liquid (a Japanese plant extract which is supposed to help the immune system).


August 2008

I've just completed 1-year of Intermittent Triple Androgen Blockade Therapy (TAB) using Zoladex/Casodex/Avodart, during which time my PSA reduced from 19.2 to 0.02. Now I carry on with Avodart alone, but I'm also continuing with the Budwig Protocol to see if it will keep the PCa under control.

In the Leibowitz study of TAB the PSA graph for 183 men is as follows. He reported a 99.5% survival rate over 8-years.

January 2009: Correction: this graph shows the results of the first 100 men in the Leibowitz study.



January 2009

It's now 18 months since starting this journey in June 2007, and 6-months after completing 1-year of Intermittent Triple Androgen Blockade Therapy using Zoladex, generic Casodex and Avodart, in July 2008.

My current PSA on 21 Jan 2009 = 0.22 and my Testosterone has recovered to 312 ng/dl. PSA nadir was 0.01 in October 2008. I continue with the Budwig Protocol. For more info about this the best web site is Healing Cancer Naturally.

I switched from generic Avodart to generic Proscar (for no very good reason except the Proscar is cheaper and I know someone who's used it for years without apparent negative side effects). I continue with the few supplements I mentioned previously except I didn't notice any benefits using SAW PALMETTO for night time urination (remaining about 2 x a night) so switched to BETA SITOSTEROL 500 mg.

I've been lazy with the JUICING but should start again.

The increase in PSA to 0.22 from 0.01 3-months ago is very large in percentage terms but is still below the blue line at 18-months in the previous graph. Remember my prostate is intact so presumably the PSA will rise to the "normal" level even without PCa. I'll continue on the same track and decide what to do if the PSA rises too fast.

I want to avoid a RP, IMRT, Brachytherapy, or other standard treatments because I don't think they provide any survival benefit.


June 2009

I'm now coming on for 2-years since the start of my journey and 11-months since I completed a 1-year course of Triple Androgen Blockade Therapy using Zoladex, Casodex, and Avodart/Proscar.

Unfortunately, my recent PSA numbers do not look so good, as follows: 0.22 (Jan 09), 1.96 (April 09), 4.10 (June 09).

I stopped the Budwig Protocol in April 09 because of the PSA rise. I thought I was fairly compliant with the protocol, but admit to consuming some tuna fish which is not allowed.

Since then I have moved to a strictly Vegan diet with no meat, eggs, or milk, but the PSA continued to go up way beyond the blue line (see above graph) of the first 100 patients in the Leibowitz-Tucker study. I also stopoed taking the supplements except Vitamin D3. My oncologist is prepared to wait another 4~6 weeks to see if the PSA stabilises, but it looks as if the PCa is more aggressive than we hoped for.

That being the case, I will probably have to consider either Surgery or IMRT/Tomotherapy or High Dose Brachytherapy/IMRT (all with adjuvant Hormone Therapy).

I had hoped to avoid these treatments, but have to face the fact that the Intermittent HT did not last even 2-years in the off cycle. I welcome any comments from others in a similar situation.



September 2009

Shortly after my PSA rose to 4.10 in June 2009, I decided to try the Chinese herbal tea from Dr. Chris Teo , together with a very strict Vegan diet (no meat, milk, sugar, cooking or other oils, refined salt, etc). Dr Teo is a retired Professor of Botany from a Malaysian University. The initial results are encouraging and appear to have stopped the exponential rise in my PSA. After 5-weeks on the herbs/diet my PSA dropped to 3.85 in July 2009, and then after another 6-weeks it rose slightly to 3.96 in August 2009. The PSA seems to have levelled out to form a plateau. I decided to wait 3-months for another PSA check and put any thoughts about radical treatment on hold.

Steve has written up his story in somewhat greater detail at the CA Care site. The relevant part, which brings his story up to date is:

I should make clear that during the rise of my PSA to 4.10 I stopped taking Beta Sitosterol and Multi-Vitamin supplements, but continued taking 1,200 IU / day of Vitamin D3. I had checked my "25-OH Vitamin D3" (Vitamin D3) level in March 2008 and the result of 33.18 ng/ml was lower than the optimal range of 65-90 ng/ml for cancer patients, so had started taking the Vitamin D3 supplement. A second check in July 2008 showed an increased level of 66.53 ng/ml and I've continued with the Vitamin D3 supplement and also try to have sun baths for a few minutes on most days. I also do moderate walking exercise for at least 30-minutes a day.

When I saw the local oncologist to get the test result when my PSA went down to 3.85, and even before I had sat down in his office, he exclaimed excitedly "Your PSA's gone down!" and followed it up by asking "Have you been taking anything?" I said I had been on a strict diet and taking Chinese herbal teas. His response was "There must be hormones in the herbs" to which I replied I very much doubt that is the case (and note my testosterone level had actually increased). Dr. Teo and I had a good laugh about it when I told him the story. On the last visit to the same oncologist he said, without any justification at all, "I'm sure it's due to the strict diet and nothing to do with the herbs" and tried to tell me (like talking to a complete idiot --- maybe I am, as a Chartered Engineer with a Physics degree!!) about how unscientific the herbal remedy was and how the medical profession requires clinical trials. I told him that he must know very well that the drug companies will not finance any trials if there is no money to be made from it. Just look at the exorbitant cost of the hormone medications.

My own thoughts about the current situation with the diet and herbs is that the results look very promising indeed, but despite the enthusiasm and kindness of Dr. Chris Teo who tells me I would be his first failure, I think that prostate cancer (and life) is too uncertain to say definitively that I have managed to overcome the PCa using the diet and herbs. It does give me great encouragement to carry on with the same protocol.

I have no regrets at all about doing the one year of Intermittent Hormone Therapy, which had successfully reduced my PSA from 19.6 to a very low 0.01 (before rising again), thanks to Dr. Steven Tucker. I'm also grateful that the doctors at local hospitals in Bangkok were prepared to carry out the routine checks and procedures as recommended by Dr. Tucker when they obviously did not agree with the therapy. During this time I sought advice from other urologists and two of them recommended (seriously) an orchiectomy (removal of the testicles) as an effective and cheap (!) treatment option. I politely but firmly declined the offers, and wondered if the same urologists would still recommend a lobotomy to cure psychological problems!

As part of the Intermittent Hormone Therapy I took Avodart, and after I completed the one year on hormones I have continued taking Avodart (later Proscar) as so called "Finasteride Maintenance" according to the Leibowitz-Tucker protocol. In August 2009 I have decided to discontinue the Proscar. This medication is known to reduce PSA values, so under normal circumstances I might expect my PSA to rise somewhat after stopping taking Proscar. We shall see.


December 2009

My latest PSA on 26 November 2009 was 5.88, a rise from three months ago when it was 3.96, having formed a plateau at around 4.0 for several months. The rise is not entirely unexpected since I stopped taking Proscar (Finasteride) after the last test and Proscar is known to suppress PSA values by up to 50%. I will continue the strict Vegan diet plus herbs from CA Care and get another PSA test in three months. At present I take no medications at all, and the only supplements I have are 1,200 IU of Vitamin D3 a day, plus occasionally I use a Vitamin B-12 skin patch (vegetarian diets can result in a Vitamin B-12 deficiency).

Please see a comprehensive review of my story including videos (not for those with a nervous disposition!).


September 2010

Thought I would update my YANA story, since my last update was December 2009. Current PSA = 9.84. Treatment = Diet and herbs.

In February 2010 my PSA had risen to 7.79 from the previous 5.88, and so I decided to stop taking the CA Care herbs and I started taking some Thai herbs developed by a local university, while continuing the strict Vegan/Macrobiotic diet. I checked my saliva hormone levels at ZRT Labs w and found my testosterone and DHEA were low, so I also started testosterone and progesterone supplementation using transdermal creams, and DHEA supplementation using 25 mg/day of DHEA.

I'm well aware that most doctors would throw up their hands in horror about using testosterone supplementation for PCa patients, but I think the evidence against its use is weak, especially after reading Testosterone For Life by Dr. Abraham Morgentaler. I also started taking various supplements including DIM, CoQ10, Beta Sitosterol, and others, as recommended by Roger Mason at Young Again™. See his eBook The Natural Prostate Cure and other articles on his web site.

I also started using a home-made Rife machine, and while I don't have much faith in these type of devices, I know that Chris Teo from CA Care has had surprisingly good results with late stage cancer patients, so I figured it was worth a try since I could assemble the Rife machine using my PC and an audio amplifier.

In April 2010 I decided to have a Transrectal Ultrasound, and this did not detect any abnormalities or tumors, except an enlarged prostate. I had found images of PCa using transrectal ultrasound on the Internet, so I'm encouraged that at least I don't have any obvious tumors, although of course the sensitivity of the test is limited.

By April 2010 my PSA had risen to 9.73, but had dropped to 8.03 in June 2010 (encouraging !). However, after another two months to August 2010 the PSA had risen again to the current 9.84. I still don't have any symptoms and feel fine, except for a couple of night time bathroom visits. The following graph shows the state of play to date.

It does look as if the PSA is continuing to rise and the 8.03 PSA in June was a fluke result, but I'll give it some more time to see if I can stabilize the PSA. [PSA results can be influenced by a wide variety of causes - see PSA 101 for more information] If it reaches (say) 12 I may consider trying PC Hope from Nutrition2000. [PC Hope is a clone of PC Spes (Spes meaning Hope in Latin) and is considered to be dangerous. The most likely active ingredient is DES (diethylstilbestrol). DES can be used effectively as part of an ADT (Androgen Deprivation Therapy) but needs to be closely supervised because it can cause thromboses to develop.] I spoke by phone to a couple of PCa survivors in the US who have used PC Hope and they were very positive about it.

The only other option I would consider right now is Transurethral Hyperthermia of the prostate by one of several German clinics, or as a last resort go back on Intermittent Triple Androgen Blockade Therapy using Zoladex, Casodex, and Proscar.



March 2011

Hi, here's my 6-month update to my YANA story.

Since my last report in September 2010 (PSA = 9.84), my PSA readings are as follows:
October 2010 = 11.42.
November 2010 = 9.27
January 2011 = 11.34.
March 2011 = 8.79

Except for a 3-month period (see below), I've continued with the regime recommended by Roger Mason in his eBook The Natural Prostate Cure (free download) which involves a 7-point plan which includes a strict vegetarian/macrobiotic diet, vitamin/mineral supplements, hormone supplements (DHEA/testosterone/progesterone/melatonin), and exercise. Whether it's a fluke or not, my PSA is now the lowest it's been since June 2010 when it was 8.03.

After my October 2010 PSA result of 11.42, from November 2010 through January 2011, I stopped taking all the supplements including the hormone supplements, because in early November I tried another herbal remedy from someone who calls himself the "Tropical Herbalist" which involved a 6-day course of a liquid herbal concoction. Although the following PSA in late November showed an 18% drop in PSA to 9.27, by late January 2011 the PSA had gone up again to 11.34, when I decided to restart taking all the supplements again.

I used my home made Rife Machine from May to October 2010 but then stopped using it because it appeared to have no effect on the PSA values.

It's interesting to note that despite my use of topical testosterone cream which increased my saliva testosterone markedly, as measured by ZRT Labs, my PSA values over this period have not increased overall. There is a new study by Dr Abraham Morgentaler (author of "Testosterone For Life") recently published by the Harvard Medical School which concludes that "testosterone therapy in men with untreated prostate cancer was not associated with prostate cancer progression in the short to medium term." [This is still regarded as a somewhat contentious area, although it seems that more evidence may be coming forward to support this view.] This gives me some extra confidence that the testosterone supplementation will not worsen my PCa.

All the best,



November 2011

For the last 2-months I have added GRAVIOLA on a trial basis, in addition to the vegetarian diet, vitamin & mineral supplements, hormone supplementation testosterone/progesterone/DHEA), and exercise regime.

The GRAVIOLA dosage was 2.8 gm of tablets per day, plus three teaspoons of powder in about 1 litre of water to make 3 mugs of tea. My PSA rose from 11.99 to 12.57 which, in view of the variability of PSA results, is essentially unchanged.

In view of the inconclusive result, I have decided to continue the GRAVIOLA for another 2/3 months, with a slightly increased dosage of 4.2 gm per day plus the same quantity of tea.


January 2012

I continued the GRAVIOLA trial for another 2-months using the increased 4.2 grams/day of Graviola tablets plus a teaspoon of Graviola powder to make tea three times a day, except for the last week I increased the amount to 5.6 grams/day of Graviola tablets plus 3 teas.

December 2011 PSA = 12.59. This is essentially unchanged from the 12.57 (October 2011) and up from 11.99 (August 2011). So I'm not sure if the Graviola has done any good or not. Possibly it has stopped the PSA from rising (plateau on graph), but it's inconclusive.

During this period I continued with my vegetarian/macrobiotic diet, various supplements (Beta Sitosterol, Vitamin D, etc) and hormone supplementation (testosterone/progesterone/DHEA/melatonin). I have now stopped the GRAVIOLA and started a trial using MEDICAL MARIJUANA as a suppository.

Meanwhile, the latest ZRT Labs saliva tests show LOW/NORMAL Estradiol and Estrone (good), NORMAL range for Testosterone supplementation (good, but note this would be considered HIGH without supplementation), NORMAL for DHEA supplementation (good, more youthful level), but HIGH for Progesterone supplementation (not good and unexplained, but Roger Mason says there is no need to test and saliva won't test for Progesterone since it is fat soluble and needs a blood serum (not plasma) test.

Still no symptoms except the usual nocturia about 3-times a night.

Happy New Year !!!!



April 2012

Over the last 3-months I have been using MEDICAL MARIJUANA as cannabis oil dissolved in virgin coconut oil using 1 ml a day as a suppository. PSA = 8.34, a reduction of 33.7% from the previous 12.59, but I realize one good PSA result does not make a trend. Nevertheless, I hope to continue the medical marijuana experiment if I can obtain the product. At these low levels there is no psychotic effect from the THC active ingredient.

My latest saliva hormone results from ZRT Labs in the USA are also generally good.

Testosterone = 1,083 pg/ml. I'm surprised this is still high because I reduced the testosterone supplementation to 5 mg from about 17 mg. Dr John Lee in "Hormone Balance For Men" recommends a level of 200 to 300 pg/ml. Never mind, I prefer testosterone on the high side, rather than the low side. So much for those docs who think testosterone supplementation is like "pouring oil on a burning fire."

Progesterone = 112 pg/ml. Previously it was 688 pg/ml (too high) so I reduced the progesterone supplementation to 5 mg twice a day from 20 mg once a day. The reason I use it twice a day is because I read a report saying that progesterone is absorbed quickly and results in spikes in the levels. So by using it twice a day I aim to smooth out the spikes. However, now the saliva progesterone level is too low according to Dr. Lee, but the Progesterone/Estradiol ratio of approx 224 is about right (Dr. Lee recommends a ratio of 200 to 1). Seems difficult to optimize the level, so I'm satisfied with the latest result.

Estradiol = Less than 0.5 pg.ml. Excellent result. I want it as low as possible because I think this is one of the main causes of prostate cancer.

DHEAS = 17.5 ng/ml. Average DHEAS for a 30-year old is about 12 ng/ml (range 7 to 23 ng/ml), so 17.5 ng/ml seems about right and I'll continue to use 25 mg per day of oral DHEA.

Estrone = Less than 1.0 pg/ml. Excellent, I want this estrogen on the low side.

Besides the above, I also continue with the vegetarian/macrobiotic diet (no meat, chicken, eggs, milk, processed or packaged foods, soda drinks, refined sugar, cooking oil), daily walking exercise, various vitamin/mineral supplements (Vitamin D3, CoQ10, DIM, etc), weekly 24-hour fast. Since I can't give up everything I admit to the occasional beer and a couple of glasses of home-made red wine (no additives!) and a small quantity of cheese and crackers. I can't avoid cooking oil when I go out of Bangkok, and goodness knows what else they put in the Thai food. Normally I eat freshly prepared food at home.

I have no symptoms except nocturia (night time urination) about 2 or 3 times a night.
Latest blood pressure = 123/77. Weight = 71.4 Kg.

PSA and hormone graphs can be found at myProstate


June 2012

Latest PSA = 12.25, a rise of 47% from 8.34 three months ago, and back to the where it was in December 2011 when it was 12.59. So perhaps the 8.34 was merely a rogue result showing that PSA is an unreliable indicator.

The PSA graph does not look so bad.

I'm disappointed (but hardly surprised) that the last 6-month trial of using MEDICAL MARIJUANA as a suppository has not been more successful, but I will continue using it for at least another 3-months to see what happens, while also continuing with the vegetarian/macrobiotic diet, hormone supplementation (with Testosterone, Progesterone, DHEA, Melatonin) and other measures described in previous postings.

I feel fine with no symptoms except the same nocturia (night time urination) about 2 or 3 times a night.
Latest blood pressure = 122/67. Weight = 73.3 Kg (creeping up - must take action!!).


July 2012

UPDATE 7/07/2012: Received latest saliva test report from ZRT Labs.

Estradiol = 0.9 pg/ml (Observed Range 0.5 to 2.2).
Estrone = 1.1 pg/ml (Observed Range 0 to 3.0).
Progesterone = 175 pg/ml (Observed Range 100 to 500 for 5-10 mg topical supplementation, after 24 hours).
Testosterone = 509 pg/ml (Observed Range 115 to 3,700 for 5-50 mg topical supplementation, after 12-24 hours).
DHEAS = 25.8 ng/ml (Observed Range 2-23 age dependant).

My take: I would prefer a lower Estradiol and Estrone level, as previous tests, but they are still at the lower end of the observed range (good).

For Testosterone, Dr John Lee recommends a level of 200 to 300 pg/ml and Testosterone/Estradiol ratio of 200 to 300 to 1, so I'm a bit high, even using a small dose of about 3.8 mg Testosterone per day.

For Progesterone, Dr Lee recommends a level of 400 pg/ml and Progesterone/Estradiol ratio of 200 to 300, so I'm somewhat low at 175 pg/ml, using 2 x 5 mg topical Progesterone per day. However, previous test results using 10 to 20 mg of Progesterone a day gave variable results in the range of 47 pg/ml to 688 pg/ml so I think the test may be unreliable making it difficult to find the correct dosage.

DHEAS is high, but it does vary between tests using the same 25 mg capsules per day. I may take a day off taking DHEA every third day.

Please note that ZRT Labs give observed ranges, not ideal ranges.


November 2012

Latest PSA = 15.53, up from 12.25 in June 2012.

For the last 2-1/2 months I added APRICOT KERNELS (Vitamin B17) to my regime, taking 40 kernels a day.

I will probably order 500 mg AMYGDALIN (Vitamin B17, Laetrile) tablets and take these according to the recommended dosage together with the APRICOT KERNELS. I think this is unlikely to succeed but I think I should follow the correct dosage and see what happens.

Also, for the last 11 months I have used MEDICAL MARIJUANA as a suppository, using a product made from a mixture of cannabis oil and virgin coconut oil. I believe this product had insufficient THC content which would account for the poor response. I would still like to try Rick Simpson's method of ingesting cannabis oil as per his video "Run From The Cure," but I cannot obtain the product locally.

I will continue with the VEGETARIAN/MACROBIOTIC diet, HORMONE SUPPLEMENTATION (testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, melatonin), various SUPPLEMENTS (Vitamin D3, CoQ10, DIM, etc), and daily walking EXERCISE.

The only possible reason I can think of for the recent increase in PSA is that for the last several months I reduced the TESTOSTERONE supplementation to about 3.8 mg / day, because my saliva testosterone levels were quite high (see Graphics). All other things being equal (which they are not) then I appeared to do better with a higher testosterone level.

I still have no symptoms except nocturia (night time urination) about 3 times a night.

Latest BP = 125/74. Weight about 74 Kg.

PSA and saliva hormone Graphics


January 2013

PSA = 14.52, slightly down from 15.53 in December 2012.
Weight = 74.4 Kg, BP = 125/84. Nocturia increased to 3~4 times from 2~3 times.

Over the last two months I've tried (a) a SEVEN DAY WATER FAST (for general health benefits), and (b) BAKING SODA and MOLASSES protocol, followed by (c) VITAMIN B-17 (LAETRILE).

I stopped hormone supplementation and most of the vitamin/mineral supplements (except those stated below) during this period, but continued the Vegetarian diet.

These protocols were carried out according to the recommended dosage levels.

For the BAKING SODA & MOLASSES protocol see http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/salud/salud_defeatcancer65.htm
In fact I used 2 full rounded teaspoons of Baking Soda (not level tsps as recommended) plus 2 tsps of Molasses mostly four times a day, building up to this dose over the first three days.
I did the BAKING SODA protocol concurrently with the SEVEN DAY WATER FAST since I thought the fasting might help the body to become more alkaline. This might have been a mistake since my Urine pH averaged 6.9 over the 7-day fast, but the pH increased to 7.8 over the remaining 5 days of the 12-day BAKING SODA protocol. Saliva pH remained in the range 6.0 to 7.0 throughout the 12-day course.

About 1-week after completing the BAKING SODA & MOLASSES protocol I started using VITAMIN B-17 (LAETRILE) and APRICOT SEEDS.
For recommended dosages see http://www.worldwithoutcancer.org.uk/protocols.html
I used 6 to 8 x 500 mg AMYGDALIN (Laetrile) tablets a day plus 20 to 40 APRICOT SEEDS for 30-days. I felt unwell on several days and used the reduced amounts as stated. The APRICOT SEEDS I used were from Australia and are claimed to have three times the Amygdalin as those from the USA. From day 31 I used 4 x 500 mg AMYGDALIN tablets per day, plus 30 APRICOT SEEDS.
I did not use the recommended "Metabolic Protocol" with various supplements, but I did use 6 gms Vitamin C, 2000 IU Vitamin D, 500 mg Beta-Sitosterol, and "Green Vibrance" which contains enzymes and probiotics.

In view of the small reduction in PSA from 15.53 to 14.52, it's hard to tell if this has done any good at all.
I'm inclined to repeat the BAKING SODA and MOLASSES and VITAMIN B-17 protocols.
I still feel fine with no symptoms, except the nocturia has increased.

For graphs and data see http://www.myprostate.eu/?req=user&id=381&page=data


March 2013

I decided NOT to repeat the BAKING SODA and MOLASSES protocol, but to continue with a lower dose of VITAMIN B-17 (2 x 500 mg AMYGDALIN tablets plus 20 APRICOT SEEDS daily), while continuing with the VEGETARIAN/MACROBIOTIC diet, HORMONE SUPPLEMENTATION (testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, melatonin), various SUPPLEMENTS (Vitamin D3, CoQ10, DIM, etc), and daily walking EXERCISE.
I did increase the TESTOSTERONE supplementation to 5 mg / day (from about 3.8 mg) because I thought my libido had declined, despite previous ZRT Labs saliva tests reading high (see Testosterone graph at http://www.myprostate.eu/?req=user&id=381).

I also decided to try Dr Chris Teo's HERBS again (www.cacare.com), see report Sept 2009, for 5+ weeks (actually 40-days) until I ran out of one of the herbs.
In addition, I added SUPPLEMENTS: 2 x 500 mg CURCUMIN (Bio-Curcumin Phytosome), 4 x 200 mg POMEGRANATE extract, and 2 x 100 mg NATTOKINASE.

PSA = 9.69.
Previous PSA (21/01/13) = 14,53, a reduction of 33.3%.
Other recent PSA values: 12.59 (27/12/11), 8.34 (23/03/12), 12.25 (26/06/12), 15.53 (22/11/12).

Weight = 72.7 Kg; BP #1 = 106/76, Pulse 61; BP #2 (after walking around for an hour) = 117/72, Pulse 57.
Nocturia steady at 2 x per night, possibly slightly reduced from 2 to 3 times a night.

While the reduction in PSA value is a good sign, I realize the test is unreliable and in fact, I'm not sure if it has any value at all.

Over the next few weeks I will use up my remaining stock of Chris Teo's HERBS, and continue with the above regime.


June 2013

Latest PSA (28/5/13) = 14.56, up from 9.69 three months ago and back to the 14.54 six months ago.

Weight = 72 Kg (159 Lb), BP = 126/75.

I continue as before with my main strategy of a VEG/MACROBIOTIC DIET, SUPPLEMENTS (DHEA, DIM, CoQ10, etc) , HORMONE SUPPLEMENTS (Testosterone, DHEA, Progesterone, Melatonin), DAILY WALKING EXERCISE, WEEKLY 24-HR FAST, NO MEDICATIONS policy.

The additional alternative treatments I've tried recently can be summarized with PSA values as follows:

Continue CANNABIS OIL as suppository.

23/03/12 = 8.34.

Continue CANNABIS OIL as suppository.

27/06/12 = 12.25.

Complete CANNABIS OIL 22/11/12 (decided product not strong enough).

22/11/12 = 15.53.

SEVEN-DAY WATER FAST 23/11/12–30/11/12,

BAKING SODA protocol 24/11/12–5/12/12,

APRICOT SEEDS (40/day) from 5/12/12,

AMYGDALIN (Laetrile) 11/12/12–6/4/13.

21/01/13 = 14.54.

From 22/1/13 continue AMYGDALIN at reduced 2 x 500 mg/day, and APRICOT SEEDS at reduced 20/day.

Start CHRIS TEO HERBS 22/1/13,

From 22/1/13 Add 2 x 500 mg BIO-CURCUMIN (Now Foods), 2 x 100 mg NATTOKINASE (Now), 4 x 250 mg POMEGRANATE EXTRACT.

03/03/13 = 9.69.

Complete AMYGDALIN 6/4/13. Continue APRICOT SEEDS at 20/day.

Complete CHRIS TEO HERBS and continue with TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE (TCM) HERBS from 12/4/13–28/5/13.

From 4/3/13–11/5/13 Add 2 x 250 mg NETTLEROOT EXTRACT (Now), 2 x 160 mg SAW PALMETTO + 2 x 50 mg PYGEUM (Now), see comments below.

28/05/13 = 14.56.

On 11/5/13 stop NETTLEROOT, SAW-PALMETTO, PYGEUM, BETA-SITOSTEROL, see comments below.

Start MARIJUANA OIL (ingesting) from 29/5/13, see comments below.


So to be honest I cannot say if any of these (or previous) protocols has worked, but something may have helped to slow the PSA rise and keep it in a broad range between 8.34 and 15.53 over the last year or so. The PSA test does not seem at all useful in this situation because variations in test results are larger than the more supple (if any) changes which might be caused by alternative treatments which however, may work over the longer term. It is challenging and frustrating working with such unreliable data.

See my PSA graph at . . .


Also see an interesting article by Terry Herbert about PSA variability at:


Steve Evans from the Therapeutics Research Institute in Omaha, recommended adding NETTLEROOT, PYGEUM, SAW-PALMETTO (see note above) and 1 x 160 mg BETA-SITOSTEROL for my BPH nocturia symptoms. Since I've taken 500 mg BETA-SITOSTEROL for some years, I added the first three components. However, from my initial two or three bathroom trips per night, after about one week taking these supplements the nocturia increased to about four times, later reducing to about 3 times. After seeing no improvement after 9-weeks, I stopped taking all these supplements on 11/5/13. The nocturia seems to be slightly better now.

ZRT Labs checked my saliva hormone sample of 28/5/2013. Results were as follows:

ESTRADIOL = 0.6 pg/ml (ZRT observed range 0.5–2.2). Low, Good.

ESTRONE = 1.6 pg/ml (ZRT range 0–3.0). All previous tests came back as 1.1 pg/ml or less. Only reason I can think of for the rise is possible estrogen effect from the TCM HERBS, which I have now discontinued.

I continue with the strict Diet, Progesterone supplementation (5-alpha-reductase inhibitor), and DIM, to keep the Estrone at a low level.

PROGESTERONE = 351 pg/ml (ZRT range 100–500 with 5–10 mg topical Progesterone after 24 hours). A bit high, but I'll continue with 5 mg Progesterone 2 x per day, 5-days per week.

TESTOSTERONE = 3231 pg/ml (ZRT range 115–3700 with 5–10 mg topical Testosterone after 12–24 hours). Surprisingly high after using only about 3.8 mg of Testosterone cream 6-days per week. I'll watch the amount used more strictly and reduce the application to 5-days per week.

DHEAS = 13 ng/ml (ZRT range 2–23 age dependent). Youthful value, good. Continue taking 25 mg DHEA 5-days a week.

From 29/5/13 I've started on the MEDICAL MARIJUANA as cannabis oil to ingest according to Rick Simpson's method.


August 2013

I completed using MEDICAL MARIJUANA (as CANNABIS OIL) on 12 August 2013. Here is my report about it:

This is Rick Simpson's cannabis oil protocol from his book Phoenix Tears: The Rick Simpson Story (PublishMyBook, 2012) in which he states:

"The standard treatment to reset your body to a good state of health is 60 grams of high-quality oil ingested in a three-month period. For those who have taken chemo and radiation, it is a good idea to ingest 120 to 180 grams of the oil as soon as possible. Usually, 60 g can cure a serious cancer, but for those who have been damaged by the medical system, often more is required to prevent the cancer from returning and to undo the damage these treatments have left behind."

"Because this medication is so safe to use, we do not usually measure the doses exactly, but for those who like accurate measurements and own scales of sufficient accuracy, start with about 0.01 g three times a day for the first four days. Then, if you can, double it to 0.02 g for four days, then to 0.04 g for four days, 0.8 g for four days, 0.16 g and then 0.32 of a gram. This would be the ideal dosing schedule for those who can ingest this substance quickly."

Rick Simpson also recommends patients eat hemp seeds, increasing the body's pH by eating watermelon or lemon juice (I don't think it can be done, but eating these is healthy), eat more raw fruits and vegetables and eat less meat (good), especially the processed variety (right on), juicing (don't see the advantage over whole fruit/vegetables, and I don't want the sugar in a lot of fruit), and large doses of Vitamin C (I'm not convinced), but he indicates that you can cure cancer by just taking the oil. However, since I follow a fairly strict vegetarian diet, I think most of this is covered. I take "Green Vibrance" from Vibrant Health, which is an enzyme/probiotic with additional vitamins, and also apricot seeds.

I obtained 60 grams of high quality cannabis oil from a source in the USA (who wishes to remain anonymous), supplied in three vacuum sealed 20 ml plastic syringes. The oil was a very dark green, almost black opaque colour, like a fairly thick motor oil at 30 deg C. room temperature. I kept unused syringes in the freezer.

As a measurement of amount of oil consumed I used the amount of oil in one small droplet which I could squeeze out of the syringes, putting the oil drops on whole-wheat crackers. After using the oil for some time, increasing the dose as quickly as possible, I calculated there would be roughly 45 drops of oil per gram (compared to Rick Simpson's 56 grains of short-grained dry rice). I later converted the amount in drops of oil to grams and plotted the result on the Graph shown here:


If the link doesn't work please email me. The graph shows the total amount of oil consumed per day in grams, but in fact I divided the dose into three lots to be taken at about 8-hourly intervals.
As you can see from the graph, it took me 29-days to reach 1 gram a day, consuming 51 grams in the first 60-days and the full 60+ grams in 76-days (less than the three-month period suggested by Simpson). At times I had to cut back on consumption due to excessive "highs" which meant I had to take to the sofa or bed often, especially in the first month, but I never liked the heavy drowsy weight on my mind throughout the duration, and I was relieved to complete the protocol. The reduction on day 47 was due to my taking only two doses that day because I wanted to go out to meet a friend (but I felt unwell and returned home). I wanted to reduce consumption towards the end but (as shown on the graph) sped up again to complete the course well within 90-days, and because of certain family commitments.

I started the course on 29th May 2013, and completed it on 12th August 2013 (76-days).

I would like to add the following comments:

• I prefer freedom for the individual rather than control by government, and so I believe all drugs should be legalized starting with pot, although I don't want to use it myself (alcohol is sufficient). However, this does not affect my judgement on whether cannabis oil works or not to cure cancer.

• Accidents – Be VERY careful when taking the oil. I was often wobbly on my feet, so driving a car or motorcycle (as per Rick Simpson) would be very foolish and dangerous in a city like Bangkok. Maybe acceptable in the country with nobody around. Also be very mindful of falling over in the bathroom, where an accident might be fatal. I think it's much better to have someone around in case of difficulty; my wife rescued me once when I went out and could not get back home, and literally dragged me back to my apartment.

• Alcohol – I cut down on my already light beer consumption because it didn't seem to go very well with the oil.

• Appetite – Rather than increase appetite, as I feared for my weight, the oil suppressed my appetite and it became difficult to eat a great deal. I was 73 Kg (161 Lb) at the start and 69.8 Kg (154 Lb) at the end, a loss of 3.2 Kg (7.1 Lb). Weight loss while on the program is noted in Phoenix Tears: The Rick Simpson Story (p. 30, 32, 166–167. Also see "After effects" below).

• BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, or enlarged prostate) Symptoms – The only symptom I have is nocturia (having to go for a pee at night) about two or three times a night. BPH was diagnosed together with Prostate Cancer when I was diagnosed in 2007. The symptoms remained the same throughout the course, sometimes increasing to three to four times a night (see "After Effects" below).

• Diet/Supplements etc. – I still tried to stick as best I could to the diet/supplement/exercise regime described previously, but I sometimes missed out, and I could only go for walking exercise at a much slower pace and for shorter periods (see "After Effects" below).

• Libido – At 67-years old I admit the last thing on my mind during the first month when I was heavily sedated with oil, but in the second month, during the period of highest oil use, I was surprised to find that in a two week period my libido actually increased markedly :). It now seems to have returned to "normal" (whatever that means).

• Personality Changes – Normally I am quite laid-back although I can appear animated in conversation, but during this period I became noticeable tetchy with less than normal patience in dealing with other people's foibles.

• Prescription Drugs – For a number of years I have avoided ALL prescription drugs and over the counter medications, except rarely I have taken antibiotics to assist with an infection.

• Previous Treatments – Note that I've had no previous treatments involving surgery (except the biopsy) or radiation, so I should be a good candidate for the protocol.

• Short Term Memory Loss – I noticed a distinct short-term memory loss (e.g., why did I go to the fridge?), but this has mostly returned to "normal" after stopping the oil.

• After Effects – It is now 28 August 2013, sixteen days after completing the course, and I can still feel some very slight effects of the oil but hardly noticeable. I think the medicine will remain in the system for some time, similar to hormone therapy. My appetite has still not fully returned and I today weigh 69.8 Kg (154 Lb). 70 Kg is an ideal weight for me, but any less and I look like a scarecrow with my ribs showing! I thought it best to relax some of my diet restrictions and have consumed things like eggs and ice-cream but still no meat of any kind. Nocturia (BPH) symptoms have actually improved a little recently to about two times a night. For the last four days I've been back to my normal daily thirty-minute walking exercise. Mentally, I seem to have recovered well since I've started a number of "new" projects recently (to do with my record collection).

I circulated an incomplete DRAFT report as above, but without the "After Effects" information, to a number of people interested in the protocol, or who have various degrees of knowledge about it. I did not receive any negative comments except a minor (Yankee v. Queens English) language comment about the Graph. Nobody has said I have not followed the protocol correctly.



On 28 August 2013 I had a PSA test. The result was 22.99, up from 14.56 three months ago.
Please see the before and after PSA test results at: http://tinyurl.com/PSAtestresults

Also, please refer to my historical PSA at: http://www.myprostate.eu/?req=user&id=381

My blood pressure today was 132/89 compared to 126/75 previously, but see comments below.


It has always been my intention to present the facts in a logical manner, but I would like to make some comments about the unfavourable PSA result, for people who may not be very familiar with Prostate Cancer.

• The PSA test is unreliable and no treatment decision should be based on a single test. The variability of test results has been shown by Terry Herbert in his report at:


It is best to use the same lab when comparing results, but unfortunately the hospital I usually go to said they have a "new rule" (groan) and I have to see a doctor after the test. I refused because I do not want to pay for a "service" I do not want, while increasing their profits. So I went to a different hospital for the test and it's possible there may be differences in lab methodology.

Since I will never again have another biopsy (I think they may exacerbate the cancer), the only other way that I know of to see what's happening is an MRI scan, with all its limitations. I have found that one government hospital in Bangkok has the latest 3-TESLA MRI machine, better than the previous 1.5 TESLA machine. But an MRI scan would probably cost around USD 600, and I'm not sure if they have skilled radiologists who can interpret the results. Unfortunately, I do not have anything to compare it with, because in 2007 the doctors made a mistake of doing the MRI scan AFTER the biopsy. It should be done prior to the biopsy, or wait twelve weeks for the damage caused by the biopsy to heal.

• The rise in blood pressure may have had something to do with the stressful situation I found myself in with the first hospital, and because I had to walk a fair distance to find another hospital. Otherwise I feel fine.

• For several years I have followed Roger Mason's recommendations "Seven Steps To Natural Health" here: http://www.youngagain.org/s23.html I continued with this throughout the course to the present time, including hormone supplementation. However, I could not keep up this regime as well as I would have liked while consuming the oil.

• Some readers may doubt the quality of the oil I used. I cannot provide details of the supplier in the USA but I (and an intermediary knowledgeable about the oil, who uses it for a relative) are sure it is the "real deal." Initially, even a small droplet of oil would have a strong stone effect sending me to the couch or bed, indicating the oil contains a high concentration of THC.

• And lastly a plea – If we are saying that "Big Pharma" are enriching themselves at the expense of the people (which I think is true), then surely this "alternative" community can come up with something better than speeches and anecdotal evidence. I challenge you to conduct tests on a small group of cancer patients (preferably prostate cancer patients without prior medical interventions like myself) and present the test results in an acceptable form (as above). I am not asking for "double-blind" tests, but something better (much better) than has presented to date. Perhaps Rick Simpson may like to comment?

If anyone would like to comment on the above, please email me at <cloudnine@taiping.org>

Also, if someone is able to send me high quality (Rick Simpson) oil by post, please let me know.

Steve Taylor.
Bangkok, Thailand.


September 2013

Following the 58 % rise in PSA from 14.56 (28/05/13) to 22.99 (28/08/13) in only three months (see last report), and because of more frequent nocturia recently from 2 to 3 times a night to up to 5 times a night (which has now subsided to the previous level), I decided to see a Thai urologist at one of the major hospitals in Bangkok to request a repeat PSA test and also to check for prostate infection (Prostatitis) including STD infections.

The PSA result was 14.48 (27/09/13) - test repeated to check result, i.e. back to where it was before the recent medical marijuana trial.

Prostatitis/STD were negative using a prostate massage to obtain some prostatic fluid, and also a urine test.

I had an interesting chat with the doctor, who said he does not recommend hormone therapy as a first-line treatment because the medication will kill the cancer cells which are sensitive to the medication, but leave the non-sensitive cancer cells unaffected, which may eventually lead to more aggressive cancer from these non-sensitive cells.

This is similar to the explanation of Dr "Snuffy" Myers in his video "Confusion about PSA" at:


We discussed other treatments, but he did not recommend Focussed HIFU (High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound), where they use MRI to find tumors in order to blast them with HIFU, because he said that the MRI is too insensitive to see other cancer cells lurking in the prostate, so he prefers to treat the entire prostate.

I agreed, but pointed out the same argument applies to any standard treatment method, since we never know for sure if cancer cells have escaped the prostate (although radiation can also be applied to the surrounding tissue).

I pressed the doctor on clinical studies showing the advantages for life expectancy using standard treatments compared to "Active Surveillance," but he said that some studies show an improvement while others do not. I have never seen convincing evidence that these interventions work (of course, they might do for individual cases).

I will probably have less frequent PSA tests from now on, because the PSA graph does not really tell me anything which affects my treatment decisions. I will go more on how I feel, and right now I feel fine with no symptoms except the nocturia.


April 2014

I've put together an analysis of the data from men who have died from prostate cancer on this YANA web site, about the relationship between PSA test results and actual survival time: http://www.tinyurl.com/PSAandSurvival

There does not seem to be any correlation between Initial PSA at Diagnosis, or PSA Doubling Time, compared to actual Survival Time.

The medical profession might have severe indigestion about these conclusions, and would no doubt "throw up" all sorts of objections to the report.

Meanwhile, since I'm sticking my head in the sand and avoiding PSA tests for a year (5+ months to go), there is not much else to report. Still feel fine and sticking to the "Seven Steps To Natural Health" - see: http://www.tinyurl.com/sevenstepstonaturalhealth

I've been trying 5 mg/day generic CIALIS for BPH symtoms (nocturia), but it does not seem to have any effect, with the nocturia remaing at about 3 times a night. CIALIS for BPH symptoms has recently been approved by the FDA.

Keep smiling.


August 2014

For the last several years I have tried to balance my hormones by saliva hormone testing by ZRT Labs and by adjusting the hormone supplentation (Testosterone/Progesterone/DHEA) accordingly. The theory being that younger men do not as a rule get prostate cancer.

My latest ZRT Lab test results can be found at http://tinyurl.com/ZRTtest20133107

According to Dr. John Lee in his book Hormone Balance For Men, the typical values for men over 60 are:

Estradiol at 2.0 to 2.7 pg/ml.

Progesterone at 20 to 30 pg/ml.

Testosterone at 20-30 pg/ml.

My test results are:

Estradiol = 0.9 pg/ml [ZRT Observed Range 0.5 to 2.3] - Very good, I want this estrogen low.

Progesterone = 149 pg/ml [Observed Range 100 to 500 using 5-10 mg topical Progesterone] - Very Good, within Observed range. I use 2 x 5 mg / day Progesterone cream on the scrotum 5 days a week. I read somewhere that applying topical Progesterone causes spikes in absorption so I hope using a smaller amount twice a day will reduce the spikes. There seems to be some disagreement that saliva Progesterone testing gives reliable results although ZRT Labs disagree.

Testosterone = 1224 pg/ml [Observed Range 115 to 3700 using 5 to 50 mg topical Testosterone] - High compared to about 100 pg/ml for a 25-year old man. I used an estimated 2 mg/day of Testosterone (a small drop of 5% Testosterone cream) applied to the upper arm and shoulder, reduced from the previous 3.8 mg / day.

Estrone = <1.0 pg/ml [Observed Range 0-3.0] - Very good, I want this estrogen low.

DHEAS = 4.7 ng/ml [Observed Range 2 to 23] - A bit low compared to a youthful 15 ng/ml at age 25, but previous tests using the same 25 mg / day oral DHEA gave satisfactory results.

Please note that the ZRT Labs ranges are actual Observed Ranges from thousands of men, not Optimum values.

See the Testosterone and DHEA graphs in the ZRT Labs report to see how levels reduce with age.

Dr John Lee considers Optimum values as follows (quote with my comments):

Saliva Progesterone levels that are 200 to 300 times that of Estradiol or around 400 pg/ml (in a two-ounce jar or tube of cream containing 960 mg of progesterone, this would be a bit less than 1/8 tsp of cream daily) - My Progesterone/Estradiol ratio is about 166, about right considering variability of test results.

The ratio of saliva Testosterone to Estradiol should be about 200 to 300 to 1. - My Testosterone/ Estradiol ratio is 1360 which is high.

The saliva Testosterone level should be approximately 200 to 300 pg/ml. Creams with the prope testosterone content are not readily available, so ask your doctor to write a prescription for the cream, then take it to a compounding pharmacist. It is essential that the pharmacist use real testosterone, and not one of the synthetic versions such as methyltestosterone - My Testosterone level is 1224 pg/ml which is high.

General dosages for men deficient in progesterone and/or testosterone:

Transdermal progesterone . . . . . . 5 to 8 mg/day - I use about 10 mg/day (2 x 5 mg).

Transdermal testosterone . . . . . . . 1 to 2 mg/day - I currently use about 2 mg/day.

As shown in the ZRT test results for previous testing, the results are very variable, so I think they should be used as a rough guide, rather than be taken too literally.

Just to emphasize again that this is for information purposes only and I'm not suggesting that others follow this path. For one thing, hormone supplementation for those diagnosed with prostate cancer is highly controversial, and most doctors would not agree with it. Note that young men with higher Testosterone levels do not as a rule get prostate cancer.

My next PSA test will probably be in late September.


September 2014

PSA = 22.43, up from 14.40 almost a year ago on 27/09/2013.
Maximum PSA was 22.99 in August 2013. Minimum was 0.01 in October 2008 after 1-year of Intermittent Triple Androgen Blockade Therapy (HORMONE THERAPY).

Disappointing result because of my strong dedication to a VEGAN DIET over the last year. For about 95% of the time I've cooked my own vegetarian food at home, and for most of the remaining time eat vegetarian Thai or Indian restaurant food. I've had fried fish or tuna maybe a dozen times, but no meat, chicken, eggs, dairy products, and try to avoid processed foods, sugar and refined salt, and cooking oils (except virgin coconut oil) as much as possible.
I've continued as before with the EXERCISE, various SUPPLEMENTS (Vitamin D3, DIM, CoQ10, etc), HORMONE SALIVA TESTING AND SUPPLEMENTATION (Testosterone, Progesterone, DHEA), and weekly 24-hour water FAST. I feel fine with no symptoms except nocturia which has increased to about 4 times a night from 2~3 times previously.

Some months ago I did experiment with a high 50 mg / day dose of LUGOL'S IODINE, but stopped after a few weeks since my gums were becoming sore. Symptoms disappeared after I stopped. I also tried generic CIALIS (Ceebis) at 5 mg / day for BPH symptoms (nocturia) but this had no effect so I stopped. The FDA has approved CIALIS for treating BPH. Since May 2014 I've added about 2.5~3 gm / day of 95% CURCUMIN. I started off dissolving the bulk curcumin powder in a couple of tbs of coconut oil, but later switched to a similar quantity of vodka, plus a pinch of black pepper.

I have obtained some more medical marijuana in the form of CANNABIS OIL which I will start soon. I intend to take this in a dose of 2 x 0.25 mg / day, with the second dose dissolved in coconut oil as a suppository.


June 2015

I continue with the cannabis oil. PSA results to date are variable and do not show a strong trend one way or the other.

See PSA graphs at http://en.myprostate.eu/?req=user&id=381&page=graphic. First PSA graph is logarithmic, second is the normal linear graph.

I will continue with the oil until I can determine with some degree of confidence whether the oil is working or not, and report back later in greater detail.


September 2015

Having completed 1-year on my second experiment using Medical Marijuana (Cannabis Oil), here are the PSA results:

September 2014 = 22.43 [Start cannabis oil].
December 2014 = 16.64.
March 2015 = 14.07.
June 2015 = 18.64.
September 2015 = 15.63.

Full report at: http://tinyurl.com/stcannabisoilreport-2


September 2015

In September 2014, one year ago, I stopped all hormone supplements and most vitamin/mineral supplements except Vitamin D3 and a probiotic/enzyme called "Green Vibrance."

I decided to get another ZRT Labs saliva hormone test, to get a base record.

Results were Testosterone = 48 pg/mL (lower end of range, probably accounts for low libido); DHEAS = 1.8 ng/mL (low); Progesterone = 32 pg/mL (within normal range); Estradiol = 0.5 pg/mL (low end of range, good); Estrone = <1.0 pg/mL (low end of range, good).

I will now restart the testosterone, progesterone, DHEA supplementation, as before.


December 2015

PSA Test Result @ December 2015 = 20.52.
A disappointing result (see previous PSA results), but I'm still below the PSA of 22.43 at the start of the trial in September 2014.
Estimated cannabis oil usage 10/09/2014 ~ 20/12/2015 (= 467 days) was 192.5 mL, or 0.41 mL/day.
I calculated the Specific Gravity of the oil as about 0.94, so 0.41 mL/day is approx. 0.39 grams/day.
I think it's a mistake to change anything on one bad PSA result, so I will continue the same regime for another 3-months. I still don't have any symptoms except nocturia which is a minor inconvenience.
Continue with the cannabis oil by mouth and as a suppository.
Perhaps prudent to stop the testosterone/progesterone/DHEA supplements (from September 2015).


March 2016

Please refer to my cannabis oil report updated March 2016 at: http://tinyurl.com/stcannabisoilreport-2

I did not stop the hormone supplementation (Testosterone/Progesterone/DHEA) but reduced it by half.


June 2016

Please refer to my cannabis oil report updated at: http://tinyurl.com/stcannabisoilreport-2

Tried using the herbal supplement CRILA for BPH nocturia symptoms, which has reduced the night time trips to the bathroom, so I will continue using it to see if the improvement can be maintained.

Still continuing with the mainly VEGETARIAN DIET, CANNABIS OIL (by mouth only), HORMONE SUPPLEMENTATION (at a reduced amount), VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS, EXERCISE, and avoiding pharma drugs.


December 2016

My latest PSA is 29.37, up strongly from 19.78 six months ago.

Not good news and it looks as if the cancer is getting worse. This sort of number indicates that the cancer might have metastasized, and if that's the case I'm well and truly doomed.

It would appear that the small amount of CANNABIS OIL I take daily by mouth in the evening has not worked, but might (just might) have helped somewhat. Who knows? Similarly for the TESTOSTERONE/PROGESTERONE/DHEA supplementation which I've been using for years.

Any "normal" person would see the doc and submit to all sorts of MRI, CT, Bone scans, and the usual treatment recommendations (surgery/radiation/hormone therapy). The problem is that everyone I know with cancer who has gone that route has not survived and has only succeeded in reducing their bank balance significantly. Those drugs ain't cheap!

I am not convinced that lowering PSA by hormone therapy or whatever leads to better outcomes, but I know many would disagree.

At least right now I have no symptoms to speak of, except the nocturia has not improved and if anything is getting worse (4/5 times a night). Might try CRILA herbs again which did appear to reduce the nocturia when I last tried it.

But hey, I can still walk, talk, and look at my mobile phone, all at the same time (really!), which is better than many others.

For now, I will continue with the mainly VEGETARIAN DIET, CANNABIS OIL (by mouth only), HORMONE SUPPLEMENTATION (at a reduced amount), VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS, EXERCISE, and avoiding PHARMA DRUGS.


December 2016

[Update to previous post] I did try the CRILA product from Swanson's again and it worked immediately, reducing the nocturia to 2 times a night. But I only want to use it for a few days at a time, not continuously.

I have decided to try a KETOGENIC DIET for 3-months, and stop the CANNABIS OIL and HORMONE SUPPLEMENTATION.


January 2017

A steep increase in PSA from 6-weeks ago. The test was from a different lab than usual.

I did stop the CANNABIS OIL and HORMONE SUPPLEMENTATION and start a MODIFIED KETOGENIC DIET which I will continue for at least for another 6-weeks. I have been strictly adhering to the diet.

I will write a separate report about the diet in due course.


January 2017

[Update for previous post]

PSA (10/12/2016) =29.37. Start MODIFIED KETOGENIC DIET.

PSA (19/01/2017) = 38.03.


March 2017

Since December 2016 I tried an experiment using a RESTRICTED CALORIE KETOGENIC DIET (RC-KD) plus for the last four weeks, 20-sessions of HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY, as suggested by Prof. Thomas Seyfried of Boston College, an expert in the metabolic theory of cancer.

An MRI scan using the latest 3-TESLA MRI machine yielded surprising results -- "no definite evidence" of cancer anywhere! My urologist thought that two faint greyish areas on the scans were indicative of "low grade" cancer but not more than Gleason 3. This after 10-years since diagnosis and avoiding the usual treatments.

At the start of the RC-KD in December 2016 my PSA was 29.37, rising to 38.03 in January 2017, 38.20 in February 2017 at the start of HBOT, and 25.81 on completion of RC-KD + HBOT.

For further information, see my report at http://tinyurl.com/stketodietreport


October 2017

Thanks to those enquiring after my status. I'm fine and just returned from an interesting one month trip to Zimbabwe in Africa.

Since my 3-month experiment with the RESTRICTED CALORIE KETOGENIC DIET and HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY ending in March 2017, I restarted my long-standing regime of HORMONE SUPPLEMENTATION (Testosterone/Progesterone/DHEA), mainly VEGETARIAN DIET, a few SUPPLEMENTS (Vitamin D3, with the addition of Sulforaphane [Broccoli Sprout Extract]), regular walking EXERCISE. I should really restart my weekly 24-hour WATER FAST as well, but haven't done that yet. I tried to resume taking AMYGDALIN (Vitamin B17) but felt unwell so stopped.

After my recent trip to Africa I have also resumed taking a small amount of CANNABIS OIL by mouth before bedtime. I found a cheap supply of this locally, which tested in the range of 18% THC content, similar to previous supplies.

I also had a SALIVA HORMONE TEST with ZRT Labs in May 2017 which showed expected levels, no problems.

At 71 years old I don't want to be suckered in to an endless round of medical tests and prodding and probing by the medical establishment, so I'm reluctant to resume PSA testing, particularly since I believe the test is unreliable and flawed, and I have little faith in the usual treatments of surgery, radiation, or hormone therapy. If the PCa gets me in the end then so be it, but in any case something is going to get me for sure. I prefer to live out my life in splendid confusion about the best course of action. It doesn't help that several people I've known who elected to go with their doctors recommendations are now no longer with us.

I continue to take the herb CRINUM LATIFOLIUM in bulk powder form, which helps to some extent with the nocturia.

Steve's e-mail address is: taiping194 AT gmail.com (replace "AT" with "@")